Turkish defense industry among most developing ones

Turkish defense industry is among the "most rapidly developing defense industries of the world opening to foreign markets," according to Turkish Defense Industry sources.

Turkish defense industry among most developing ones
Annual exports of Turkish defense industry will amount to 1.5 billion USD, defense industry sources indicated.

Also, according to foreign defense industry resources like Aviation Weekly, Jane's Defence Weekly and Defense News, Turkey in the recent years has been broadening its defense industry exports market from the Middle East to Africa and from Europe to the Far East.

Institutions in the portfolio of Defense Industry Undersecretariat were exporting in defense industry in the past, however, in the recent years private companies started to export original defense industry products abroad after national participation in defense industry was encouraged.

In Turkish defense industry, there are 7 companies acting in air and land vehicles, 4 in naval vehicles, 7 in rocket-missile area, 15 in electronic military software, and 7 companies in the area of information technologies.

Important grounds of the Turkish defense industry was laid as a result of the conditions imposed by arms embargo of the United States. The Turkish defense industry, which aimed to manufacture its own needs at the beginning, became an exporter country starting as of 1990s.

Number of local companies in defense industry has amounted to 200, and their annual turnover is reported to be around 3-4 billion USD.

In terms of defense expenses, Turkey ranks the 4th among the 10 countries in the Middle East and the 5th among European countries. Turkey spends around 9.9 billion USD in defense expenses

Iran makes the biggest defense expense in the Middle East.

Turkey ranks the first in terms of armed forces presence in Europe and ranks the 5th in defense expenses.

Britain makes the most defense expense in Europe.

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