Turkish engineer produces train without drivers

A Turkish engineer has produced subway and commuter trains that can travel without drivers.

Turkish engineer produces train without drivers
Electronics engineer Sabahattin Celik's train can travel at 105 km/h. The test drives are being held on a 900-meter railway in Behicbey facilities of the Turkish State Railways Administration (TCDD).

"We have prevented the train from derailing thanks to wheels that can move independently from each other," Celik told reporters.

Celik said the train is 50 percent more economical than other trains with a speed-torque characteristic and light car design.

The train has a capacity to carry 100 passengers in each of the three cars and can travel without a driver, thanks to a program developed by Celik. It has a dynamic brake system which enables a safer and shorter slowdown and stop. The kinetic energy in the train can be turned into electricity during braking, thanks to the brake system and is stored to be used at a later time.

"If we use the similar technology in intercity freight trains, for instance between Ankara and Istanbul, a ton of cargo will have a freight cost below 1 new Turkish liras (YTL)," Celik said.

The trains are designed as subway or commuter trains in metropolises. However, the engineer thinks of launching projects for prototypes in order to use similar trains in intercity lines in January 2008.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Aralık 2007, 00:08