Turkish FM: 'Afghanistan decision in a few days'

Turkish FM and Chief Negotiator for EU talks Ali Babacan said Wednesday that his government will make decisions in regard to dispatch of troops to Afghanistan in the next few days.

Turkish FM: 'Afghanistan decision in a few days'
Ali Babacan and his Afghan counterpart Rangin Spanta held a joint press conference following their tete-a-tete meeting at the Turkish MFA in Ankara.

"During our discussions, we affirmed mutual desire to carry our relations in all fields further," Babacan noted.

"We talked on what Turkey can do in the re-construction of Afghanistan," Babacan told.

Meanwhile, Spanta indicated that Babacan and he discussed bilateral matters.

"Turkey's contribution to Afghanistan is highly important. Just as in history, Turkey has been helping Afghanistan in the fields of security, development, education and health," Spanta noted.

"We are committed to develop ties with Turkey in all fields and wish to reach new horizons," Spanta remarked.

"I requested from Ali Babacan to help Afghanistan in its fight against "terrorists". Babacan's response was affirmative," Spanta said.

"We appreciate Turkey's contributions to Afghanistan," Spanta stated.

In reference to Turkish schools functioning in Afghanistan, Spanta stressed that Turkish schools are extremely successful in Afghanistan. "Afghanistan has been badly affected by wars in the past 28 years and the greatest losses were experienced in the education sector," Spanta noted.

"Our president Mr. Karzai expresses wish to increase the number of Turkish schools in Afghanistan," Spanta indicated.

On the other hand, Ali Babacan told that Turkey is making preparations to open a university in Afghanistan.

"Turkey provides scholarships to many Afghan students," Babacan said.

The general approach to Afghanistan from Turkey's point of view is to increase support as much as possible, Babacan emphasized.

"We will make specific decisions on military topics in the next few days," Babacan added.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 20 Mart 2008, 12:09