Turkish forces close in on PKK camp

Turkish forces were on Wednesday poised to take a major PKK camp in northern Iraq, Turkish media reported, with commandos backed by helicopter gunships within one kilometre of a base in the Zap valley.

Turkish forces close in on PKK camp
Turkish newspapers reported that troops had taken control of all routes in and out of the camp that has been used by PKK as a major staging post for attacks inside Turkey.

Hurriyet newspaper reported that PKK militants were attempting to leave the camp and escape to higher ground.

The Turkish General Staff on Tuesday said heavy snow falls had forced a partial halt of ground troops in northern Iraq but that artillery barrages and airstrikes onted PKK positions were continuing.

According to a statement posted on its website, 19 Turkish soldiers have been killed since the operation was launched on Thursday night. A total of 153 PKK militants had been killed. The PKK has refused to accept the numbers given by the Turkish military.

A delegation of Turkish officials was expected in Baghdad on Wednesday to explain Turkey's position.

The PKK is considered a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 27 Şubat 2008, 17:58