Turkish group holds international photo contest on human rights struggle

Turkey's MAZLUMDER is organising an international photograph contest for human rights struggle.

Turkish group holds international photo contest on human rights struggle

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One of the Turkey's leading human rights organisation will hold an international photograph contest based on "reaction against the violation".

Organisation of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed People (MAZLUMDER) Istanbul Branch has been organizing a prize awarded photo contest with the title "Struggling moment by moment".

The contest subjects the fighting for rights, the organization said on website.

The event is aiming to aware the public interest on right defender concept, MAZLUMDER said, what asked from photos is to show reaction against the violation instead of showing the violation itself.

First prize will be 2.000 TL, Second prize will be 1.500 TL, Third prize will be 1.000 TL and there are three honorable mention awarded with 200 TL.

Entry is open to everyone from world and joining is free. Deadline for joining is Dec 1, 2009.

Prize winners will be presented at the "HUMAN RIGHTS NIGHT" which organized by MAZLUMDER on 19.December.2009.

In the jury there are Ahmet Akin, a member of the MAZLUMDER Istanbul Branch, photographer Halit Omer Camci, editor of Gezgin Magazine&photographer, Ahmet Mercan, poet-former vice president of MAZLUMDER Istanbul Branch, Yusuf Kadri Sirinkan, photo editor of SAMANYOLU Publication, Mustafa Yilmaz.

MAZLUMDER is founded in 28 January 1991 by a group of 54, comprising lawyers, journalists, authors, publishers and businessmen. As a civil society formation independent of any political or religious group or clique, it primarily aims to generate a human rights perspective in Turkey, with the slogan "Against the oppressor whoever s/he is, on the side of the oppressed whoever s/he is".

The forms and more details can be reached from www.mazlumderistanbul.org or the phone number +90212 526 2440.

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