Turkish man beaten by German police near death

The brain functions of a Turkish man who was reportedly subjected to physical abuse at the hands of German police in Hagen, near Dortmund, have deteriorated, his brother said on Tuesday.

Turkish man beaten by German police near death

Adem Özdamar, 26, a suspected drug addict who was taken to a police station two weeks ago after informing the police that two African men were trying to kill him, was taken to the hospital in serious condition approximately two hours after leaving with the police.

His brother Salih Özdamar told the Anatolia news agency that the young man underwent surgery after receiving heavy blows to his head. Following the operation his brain functions slowed down and doctors say his condition is extremely critical.

Although still unclear what exactly went on at the police station, Salih Özdamar said: "He received strong blows to his head. He is having brain surgery because of all the swelling in his head and on his face. How can a healthy man be put into a coma within six hours? How can that be?"

He also said that footage showing his brother at the hospital, recorded by the family, showed handcuff marks around his wrists and bruises on his neck. "The police handcuffed an innocent man and beat him. That is what the marks on his arms show."

Adem Özdamar's friends rushed to the Hagen hospital where he was undergoing treatment. His mother, ?engül Özdamar, who could not hold back tears, said: "I had to work Sunday night. Adem said he had a headache and that he would go to the mosque after resting a bit. When I came back from work at around 2 a.m., he told me: 'Mom, two black men are after me. They want to kill me. They are walking around the house.' I made him call the police. He was very happy to see the officers arrive when they came here. He left with them. I thought they were taking him to our relative, since that is where he said he would like to go. Around 3 a.m. we found that he was in the hospital."

The Hagen police, in a written statement, said Adem Özdamar was under influence of strong narcotics and began to attack all the objects around him at the police station. The statement said the police had to intervene and tie him to a stretcher. The police claimed Adem Özdamar collapsed due to an unknown reason. However, a doctor at the hospital was reported to have said the young man appeared to have been beaten.

Today's Zaman, Agencies

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