Turkish minibuses enter Russian market

A Turkish company has begun exporting handmade minibuses to Russia. Under the brand name Pantera, the Turkish-patented minibuses are expected to draw interest in international markets.

Turkish minibuses enter Russian market

After many years with major companies like Volkswagen and BMC, Erol Sencer established his own engineering company and has now started to produce the minibuses.

"We decided that we should broaden our vision," said Sencer. He explained that their YTL 20 billion price drew attention in a market where minibuses usually cost YTL 30-35 billion. "That's why we drew interest. Our aim is to promote and prove the success of the Turkish automotive sector to the world," he said. Sencer added that he designed the buses in accordance with the climatic conditions of Russia. "I made good use of my experiences abroad and transferred them all to the Turkish automotive sector to create the new brand of 'Pantera'. I put them up for sale in different regions of Anatolia. They were appreciated," he said. Sencer emphasized that the appreciation shown by foreign rivals for the minibuses was a great honor for him.

He attributed the quality of the product and success of the company to his business model. "At first I assigned two workers for this job. Working eight hours a day, they can complete a minibus in 21 days. As it is handmade, the product is more durable and qualified. Besides, it is much cheaper," he said. Having begun exporting just recently, he stated that he has already sold six minibuses to the Russian market.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Temmuz 2007, 13:19