Turkish Minister: We asked extradition of PKK members

Turkish State Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Cicek said on Sunday that Turkey asked for the extradition of people who committed crime in Turkey and who are known to be abroad.

Turkish Minister: We asked extradition of PKK members
"All PKK leaders are not only in Iraq. Some of them are in some other countries. Turkey also asked for their extradition because being a member of a terrorist organization is a crime. However, we have not got any result yet," Cicek said in an exclusive interview with Haberturk TV program.

Cicek said, "there has been a change in statements of the Iraqi government recently. However, this is not enough. Iraqi government should say and do more. PKK camps in Iraq should be dispersed and criminals should be extradited."

Cicek said the government fulfilled its responsibilities to combat terrorism, indicating that there was not an amnesty (on the agenda of the government) for the members of the terrorist organization.

Commenting on the preparations of the Constitution, Cicek said, "our goal is to improve fundamental rights and freedoms."


Güncelleme Tarihi: 26 Kasım 2007, 12:52