Turkish mobile market to reach 10 million phones

In the first five months of 2007 4.3 million mobile phones were sold in Turkey.

Turkish mobile market to reach 10 million phones

South Korean companies are catching up in the competition, led by Finnish Nokia, while Japanese-Swedish partnership SonyEricson is ranking third.Turkish mobile phone market, the sales figures of which reached 8.2 million units last year, attained a rapid rise in the first five months of 2007. Approximately 4.3 million mobile phones were sold in the first five months of 2007, almost matching the performance of the first seven months of last year.

In May, 881,000 mobile phones were sold in Turkey, according to the latest report by GFK Türkiye. This figure stood at 551,000 units in May 2006.It is expected that the sales trend will grow further and that 10,000 mobile phones will have been sold by the end of the year. It is also expected that the sales volume will exceed 1.5 billion euros this year. Finnish mobile phone producer Nokia, which has over 50 percent market share in Turkey continues to lead the sector. Nokia is among the first eight companies with highest sales figures in Turkey. Moreover the company is advanced also in Third Generation (3G) phone models, which will start to be used from next year. The company owns the first five models in the ranking of 3G phones.

The South Koreans challengeThe rise of South Korean companies such as Samsung and LG signals that the United States-based Motorola is experiencing notable losses. Motorola, which had 5 to 10 percent market share in the past years, at present has only 1.3 percent market share at present. Despite the fact that Philips does not run an active marketing campaign in Turkey, its market share of 2.4 percent is also noteworthy. Philips models, which loom large especially with their long-lived battery, are cheap and light.

Box:Consumers in Turkey prefer cheap mobile phonesThe features of the top five models in Turkey reveal the expectations of consumers in Turkey.Consumers in Turkey, preferring mostly mobile phone models costing 50 to 70 euros, do not show much interest in features such as color screen, radio, music player, Bluetooth and cameras. Four out of the top five models do not include most of these features.On the other hand, all of these features are included in the market's top-selling model, which reveals that new mobile phone users have started to opt for technology.


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