Turkish opposition asks for black box of crashed plane

Budget negotiations in Parliament yesterday were marked by opposition parties' focus on the lack of information recorded on the black box of a recently crashed Atlasjet airliner.

Turkish opposition asks for black box of crashed plane
Bayram Meral, İstanbul deputy for the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), asked why the black box was empty and claimed that the ruling Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) government performed poorly with respect to investment in transportation. "In order to boost consumption, some people curbed the development of railways. The prime minister wore a hat and you called it a fast train. You led to the deaths of people," he said. Speaking on behalf of his party concerning the budget to be allocated to the Transport Ministry for 2008, Meral criticized the sale of highway buffets and Türk Telekom.

AK Party İzmir deputy Erdal Kalkan, speaking on behalf of his party concerning the Justice Ministry's budget, asserted that the decisions of the Supreme Military Council (YAŞ) and the Supreme Board of Prosecutors and Judges (HSYK) as well as the acts of the president should be subject to judicial review. Kalkan maintained that doubts about justice will lead to corruption in society and therefore trust in the judiciary should be reinstated.

AK Party Kastamonu deputy Musa Sıvacıoğlu stated that two institutions, Parliament and the judiciary, make decisions acting on behalf of the Turkish nation. He explained that the judiciary has problems, but these are not new. Sıvacıoğlu claimed that the AK Party government has "saved judges and prosecutors who were trapped between their conscience and their wallet, and left them facing only their conscience." AK Party Denizli deputy Mehmet Salih Erdoğan asserted that all parties should unite in defending and relying on the law. Erdoğan, noting that given its current workload it is impossible for the Supreme Court of Appeals not to make mistakes, said: "Of course, the Supreme Court of Appeals has given controversial decisions, but it has also ruled in many cases for protecting and extending freedoms."

Report: Pilot error caused plane crash that killed 57

An initial investigation suggests pilot error caused a plane crash that killed all 57 people on board an Atlasjet plane last month, with authorities saying they believe the pilot became disoriented while preparing to land at Isparta in southwest Turkey and further investigation was needed.

"The primary data suggests the pilot lost spatial awareness," daily Zaman quoted an unidentified civil aviation official as saying. The office of Ali Arıduru, head of Turkey's Civil Aviation Authority, said he was not immediately available to comment on the reports. Atlasjet, the flight's operator, also declined to comment.

The Atlasjet MD-83 was flying from İstanbul to Isparta when it crashed early on the morning of Nov. 30, killing 50 passengers and seven crew members. Authorities said the plane was off its flight path when it crashed. The wreckage was found 11 kilometers from the airport, on a mountain at and elevation of around 1,500 meters.

Studies showed the cockpit voice recorder was not recording before the crash while the flight data recorder had little usable data. Officials had said there was no indication of sabotage in the disaster, which occurred in good weather just minutes before the plane was scheduled to land. Atlasjet, a private airline established in 2001, operates regular flights inside Turkey and chartered flights to Europe and other foreign destinations.

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