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"Abhorrent attack in Ankara," read the daily's headline, describing the bombing in Ankara that claimed the lives of six people and injured 100. The Security Directorate analyzed footage from cameras in the neighborhood and took eight people into custody following the incident. The foreign media showed strong interest in the story, emphasizing that the blast in Ankara came at a time immediately after a decision was made to hold early elections on July 22, the daily said.


"Suspicion of assassination," said the daily in its headline, speculating that the target of the terror attack might have been Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Büyükanıt, who would have passed through the area that was bombed an hour after the explosion with 190 defense ministers who came to Turkey for a defense fair. Yaşar Büyükanıt visited the site after the blast and said that Turkey should be ready for other attacks. "We should be alert, particularly in metropolitan areas, against terror attacks. The terrorist organization may plan new attacks," the daily quoted Büyükanıt as saying.


The daily talked about efforts of the political parties to gather names from different political persuasions to run for Parliament ahead of the elections, terming it "Ozal fashion.' The late president Turgut Ozal's model, which united four political strands, has been revived as parties have taken action to gather nationalist, conservative, leftist and neo-nationalist politicians under the umbrella of their parties as they hope to attract a wide range of voters. For example, former Republican People's Party (CHP) Secretary-General Ertugrul Gunay will run for Parliament from the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), the daily reported.


"The politicians' lost route," said the daily in its headline, referring to recent attempts among politicians to jump ship to parties whose ideology conflicts with that of theirs. The rush to early elections has caused politicians and political parties to forget their principles and ideologies. Parties have opened their doors to people who in the past directed very harsh criticism toward them just for the sake of "window dressing." Ilhan Kesici, who was a former member of the center-right True Path Party and then the Motherland Party, decided to run for Parliament from the left-wing Republican People’s Party (CHP).


Turkey was shaken by a heinous attack in Ankara on Tuesday evening. The A-4 type bomb planted at a bus stop in front of Anafartalar Shopping Center in Ulus district exploded in the most crowded hour. Type of the explosive device indicates terrorist PKK organization. It was reported that 6 people died, and 100 others were injured.

The explosion which occurred on the street where Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit would pass to go to Defense Fair reception, connotes the question, "was the target Gen. Buyukanit?" The force commanders and around 300 foreign visitors who came to Ankara to attend the fair would use the same route.


Terrorism showed its bloody face on the hub of capital city in Ulus district. Bomb, which went off in front of Anafartalar Shopping Center, suddenly turned the busiest street of Ankara into a battle field.

Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit as well as commanders came to the scene and made examination after the explosion. Gen. Buyukanit said, "this is an organized attack staged by terrorist organization. Such an incident can be expected in other metropolitan from now on. It is necessary to look at institutions behind the terrorist organization. It is necessary to look at who supports the organization."


Villains once again shed the blood of the innocent. The suicide bomber that blasted himself at 6.45p.m at the entrance of the Anafartalar shopping center in the heart of Ankara killed 6 people who were waiting at the bus stop and wounded 80 people.

ERDOGAN: "these incidents show we need to unite against terrorism. We have to combat terrorism in the most extensive way."

BAYKAL: "we need to render the terrorism ineffective with determination. We need to collaborate as a nation."

AGAR: "we need to join hands as the opposition and the government. We need to take action against this terror with haste for the sake of the country."

IT MAY CONTINUE Chief of Gen. Staff Gen. Buyukanit who arrived at the site of the blast said, "we can expect such incidents in major cities. We need to think who is behind it." After the blast that saddened Turkey, PM Erdogan and Republican People's Party Chairman Baykal visited the blast scene separately. Later Chief of General staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit and Force commanders arrived at the blast scene and studied it for 20 minutes. Gen. Buyukanit later visited the Hacettepe University hospital to get info regarding the wounded. On his way out of the hospital Buyukanit said, "this incident is an organised one. We have to take a look at the institutions behind this terrorist organisation. We can expect such incidents in major cities from now on. It is possible."


Ulus, one of the most crowded districts of Ankara was targeted with A-4 type explosives. 6 people were killed and 100 were wounded. All the signs suggest terrorist organisation PKK. An explosion took place in the evening yesterday in front of the Anafartalar shopping center at Ulus. 6 people, one of who was of Pakistani origin, were killed at the explosion, and nearly 100 people 8 of whom were of Pakistani origin were wounded. The blast was caused by A-4 type explosives mostly used by the terrorist organisation PKK. Security officials pointed out that the lack of a crater at the explosion site increase the possibility of a suicide bomber. In the light of the statement of the witnesses a red car is being pursued. Two were taken into custody in Ulus, it was reported.

Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit pointed out in an article published in the Defense and Aviation magazine that there was no area like the north of Iraq in the world where terrorist enjoyed such freedom. Gen. Buyukanit said what was even graver was the foreign support extended to the terrorist organisation from Europe. Stressing that the terrorists on the wanted list were moving freely in Europe Gen. Buyukanit said, "What is really saddening is majority of these countries are NATO members. Gen. Buyukanit noted that the directives for the bombings were issued from the Roj TV which is broadcasting from Europe. "Whoever extends support to terrorism is also a terrorist," said Buyukanit.


PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan who inaugurated IDEF Defense Fair together with Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit, said, "we have to have required military force and defense capability to protect our independence and unity."

Ilhan Kesici, one of the strong names of Motherland Party (ANAVATAN), joined Republican People's Party (CHP) yesterday. He said, "if country is in question, then the rest is detail."


Furious terrorists bombed Anafartalar shopping mall in downtown Ankara during the rush hour. Six people died, and more than 80 people were wounded in the blast that turned the mall into a ruin. Two terrorists who came to the spot with a red "Sahin" type car and left the bomb, were detected in cameras. Five people, who look like those who ran away by the red car, have been detained, while efforts are under way to find the vehicle. A-4 explosives were used in the blast. Authorities drew attention that a great deal of these explosives was stolen from the Iraqi army, and they were used by the terrorist organization PKK.

PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the scene of the explosion, and later the injured who were taken under treatment in hospitals. "We are experiencing a cruel and heinous attack. We will take necessary steps, and we are searching the links," Erdogan said.

Source: AA and Today's Zaman
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