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Turkish Press Review of Zaman, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Turkiye, Yeni Safak

Turkish Press Review
Turkish Press Review of Zaman, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Turkiye, Yeni Safak


Efforts to unite Democrat Party (DP) and Motherland Party (ANAVATAN) ahead of elections, came to a deadlock. But the contacts which ended one day before the candidate lists were handed to Higher Board of Election (YSK) with mutual accusations, revived yesterday for a possible alliance. Chairmen of DP Mehmet Agar and ANAVATAN Erkan Mumcu had a phone call yesterday evening. They are expected to meet today.

Our soldiers that became martyrs in the cruel attack on Kocatepe gendarmerie outpost in Tunceli's Pulumur town were buried in their hometowns yesterday. Citizens that met in the martyrs' funerals in Izmir, Sirnak, Kayseri, Balikesir, Amasya and Istanbul decorated their houses, offices and cars with Turkish flags. Tens of thousands of people attended the funerals and citizens gave a message of union against terror.


As there are 48 hours left for the completion of lists in Higher Board of Election (YSK), efforts have been intensified for the re-unification of Democrat Party and the Motherland Party. DP leader Agar and ANAVATAN leader Mumcu had a telephone conversation. The two leaders discussed nomination of ANAVAN candidates from the lists of DP.

Osman Demirci, deputy chairman of the Turkish Privatization Board, said, "according to World Bank data, Turkey was ranked the first in the world with the figures of the past 4 years." Noting that the total volume of privatization in the 1983-2003 period reached 8 billion USD, Demirci said this figure rose up to nearly 18 billion USD in the last 4 years (2004-2007 period).


When the bloody organization PKK carried out its first attack 23 years ago, none of the of the 7 martyrs that we buried yesterday were born. They died without seeing a "Turkey without terror." There were tears and anger as Turkey sent off its martyrs in Sirnak, Istanbul, Amasya, Kayseri, Izmir and Balikesir.

Pakistani Khan Mohammed, last ring of the network that provides explosives and weapons to Al Queda with the revenue from drug trafficking, was captured in Istanbul. Iranian drug lord Ricabadi was captured in a previous operation against the network and 345 kilograms of heroin was seized.

Democrat Party (DP) and Motherland Party (ANAP) that could not unite in center right, started contacts for alliance in the elections. The chairman of ANAP Erkan Mumcu and chairman of DP Mehmet Agar had a "warm" phone call yesterday. If the leaders agree in the summit today, the candidates of ANAP will run as candidates from the lists that DP left empty in 24 provinces.


The special operations brigade under the command of the EU was withdrawn when no say was given to Turkey over the command. According to the decision of the general staff, the special operations brigade supported with battle ships and jet fighters will not be deployed in any operation under the coordination of the EU. A Turkish general conveyed the decision to Brussels. The decision means the partial suspension of Turkey's active security relations with the EU. The decision taken by the largest army in Europe created a shock effect in Brussels. Nato Secretary General is coming to Turkey immediately. Ankara gave the decision when the EU, demanding support from Turkey in international military operations from Congo to Bosnia did not give any say to Turkey over the command.

"Several thousands Turkish soldiers crossed into the North of Iraq," wrote the AP news agency. PM Erdogan, the Military and the White House denied the news. AP's news attributed to a security official became flash news all around the world. The claims were denied by the General Staff, the U.S.A. and Iraq.


Speaking to Kanal 24 television, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "I talked to the Iraqi President, but I can not talk with the head of a tribe. Our interlocutors there are not the Kurdish leaders, but Iraq's central government. I talked both with the President and the PM of the central government. I will not talk to anybody apart from this."
Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), by taking into consideration the right of its personnel to "cast vote", postponed the appointments (scheduled for June 15-July 1) to July 23rd.


The news, international news agency AP reported to the world with urgent code stirred the world. The allegations that several thousand Turkish troops crossed the border for a military operation were denied by FM Abdullah Gul. "There are no incursions in to the territory of other countries," he said. Washington and Baghdad said there were no new military moves in the region. The Washington Post pointed out that there was increasing tension and regarded a possible military operation to be launched by Turkey on the occasion that US failed to take measures against the PKK as a "disaster waiting to happen."

Fenerbahce signed a contract with Brazilian star Roberto Carlos who has been on the agenda of the team for a year. Carlos who emphasized that there were many teams that were after him said he chose Fenerbahce to keep the promise he gave last year.


Leaders of Democrat Party (DP) and Motherland Party (ANAVATAN) that departed on the way to union, decided to make an alliance in a phone call yesterday. If they reach an accord, members of ANAVATAN will be candidates from DP lists. Union will be postponed to post-election period.

The news that Turkey carried out a cross border operation in northern Iraq caused great excitement in the world. International news agency AP announced that Turkish army entered northern Iraq around 18.05 yesterday. All television channels broadcasted the news as breaking news. On 18.38, Reuters said, "there is no operation." Later, the news claimed "according to CNN International, Pentagon confirmed the operation." First Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul then White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe and lastly Iraqi authorities denied the news. Price of oil raised 50 cents in the international markets.


AP transmitted a news story on Wednesday saying that Turkish troops have entered northern Iraq. On the other hand, Reuters, in its news story basing on General Staff, said Turkish soldiers did not enter Iraq. CNN television said, "Pentagon verified the operation". Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari and White House denied the allegations for cross-border operation.

Mehmet Agar and Erkan Mumcu talked on the phone and decided to sign a protocol today. According to the protocol, members of the Motherland Party (ANAVATAN) will be nominated from the lists of Democrat Party (DP).


Hundreds condemned terrorism with oaths in Kurdish during the funeral of martyred soldier Burhan Yalcin. Citizens chanted the following slogans in Turkish and Kurdish during the funeral in the Southeastern city of Sirnak: "Sirnak will be a grave for PKK," "Damn PKK." The Other five martyrs were buried in Istanbul, Bursa, Tokat, Balikesir and Kayseri.

The General Staff declared Southeastern cities of Sırnak, Siirt and Hakkari --where it intensified the military operations against PKK-- as security zone. Air and land transportation is constrained.

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