Turkish Press Review

Turkish Press Review of Hurriyet, Milliyet, Turkiye, Zaman, Yeni Safak, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Sabah

Turkish Press Review

Turkish Press Review of Hurriyet, Milliyet, Turkiye, Zaman, Yeni Safak, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Sabah


Clash erupted after a group of members of the terrorist organization PKK opened fire on a gendarmerie outpost in rural area in the southeastern city of Siirt with long-range weapons. A remote-control land-mine went off as military vehicles carrying reinforcement troops, sent to the outpost, were passing. Three soldiers including a non-commissioned officer died while five others were injured in the blast.
General Staff Chief Gen. Yasar Buyukanit said that it was out of question to carry out a cross-border operation into north of Iraq without a parliamentary decision. "Turkish troops are not bandits. The Turkish Armed Forces has its principles. We act in line with Turkey's national benefits," Gen. Buyukanit stressed.

Motherland Party (ANAVATAN) Chairman Erkan Mumcu said that Democrat Party (DP) Chairman Mehmet Agar and he agreed to revive the union process. "If we want to achieve success in the upcoming elections and make this union permanent, it should be reflected onto the candidate lists. Now Agar has the responsibility," he said. "I will not undertake any position except for just being a member," Mumcu added.


General Staff declared Temporary Security Zones in cities near north of Iraq border, which reminded of the emergency rule, 5 years after removal of emergency rule. The Temporary Security Zones include environs of Idil, Silop, Cizre and Guclukonak and rural areas of Sirnak, Siirt, and Hakkari, and also include areas between Cukurca, Yuksekova and Semdinli. Civilians who will enter and leave these regions should get permission from from gendarmery stations between June 9th and September 9th.

Iraqi Kurdish leaders Talabani and Barzani held a press conference yesterday. Both leaders stated that they would not accept a cross-border operation of Turkey. Barzani said, "we don't want to fight against PKK."


Motherland Party (ANAVATAN) Chairman Erkan Mumcu and Democrat Party (DP) Chairman Mehmet Agar agreed to revive the union process between their political parties. Mumcu said that Agar would have the responsibility for success of the union. "We cannot accept any attempt to make the candidate lists a tool of bargaining," Mumcu said.

General Staff Chief Gen. Yasar Buyukanit said that a cross-border operation could only be carried out upon directives of the government. "Turkish troops are not bandits," Gen. Buyukanit stressed.

The General Staff released a statement on its web-site overnight. In its statement, the General Staff called on Turkish people to display a mass resistance against the acts of terror.


Electoral rolls came to the rescue of Turk Telekom that could not find 2 million debtors at their addresses. Lawyers of the company can reach names they are looking for by scanning the internet site of Higher Board of Election (YSK). Total receivables amount is about 2 billion YTL (one dollar equals 1.32 YTL), including interests.

On one hand, Turkey is set to hold general elections on July 22nd and on the other hand, debates over cross-border military operation continue. Tension is escalating every passing day on Iraqi border. A new terrorist attack, mine blast killed 3 soldiers and injured 6 others yesterday on the road from Siirt to Sirvan.


Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit said they needed political directives for a cross-border operation. Gen. Buyukanit said, "Turkish soldiers are not rough fellow of the district." Reacting against the news report of Associated Press which said, "Turkey entered northern Iraq,", Gen. Buyukanit said they thought the news report was intentional.

According to constitutional jurist Prof. Uskul, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told him, "we want Turkey to reach a civilian and democratic Constitution" and invited him to Justice and Development (AK) Party.


Problem between Democrat Party (DP) and the Motherland Party (ANAVATAN) regarding the electoral rolls still continues. ANAVATAN Central Executive Board decided not to enter the elections. ANAVATAN chairman Erkan Mumcu said, "as Mr. Agar will assume the leadership of the next process in the integration, he has the responsibility. I want to believe that we will not see anything that will hurt French President Nicholas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who met during the G-8 Summit, are in consensus of opinion to leave Turkey outside the EU. Sarkozy said, "I will suggest a strategy that does not maintain Turkey's membership strategy till the end of the year." On the other hand Merkel earlier said Turkey could not be a member of the EU even after 50 years.


Upon increasing acts of terror, the General Staff issued a statement on its web-site at midnight, "the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) calls on the Turkish people to display a mass reaction against the recent acts of terror. Turkey has recently faced an approach which thinks that its national and unitary structure is totally outdated. Our people have to be aware of this approach."

The terrorist organization PKK first opened fire on a gendarmerie outpost with long-range weapons, then ambushed the military convoy carrying reinforcement units, killing three soldiers and injuring five others in the southeastern city of Siirt.

Turkish National Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul said that the special operations brigade, which would join the European Security & Defense Policy Targeted Military Program and Projects in 2010, was withdrawn after it was placed among reserve units. Also, Turkey withdrew its military support to the EU under the European Security & Defense Policy.


The purchase rate of breadmaking wheat was increased by 13-14 percent, three and a half times of annual inflation target that was 4 percent. Agriculture and Rural Affairs Minister Mehdi Eker announced the amount of premium per ton as 45 YTL. He said they would give a profit of 18 percent above the costs, excluding subsidies.

Efforts continue for a coalition in the right that revived after a phone call between Democrat Party (DP) Chairman Mehmet Agar and Motherland Party (ANAVATAN) Chairman Erkan Mumcu. There is bargaining for candidate lists and unification protocol. ANAVATAN wants some of its candidates be on the top of the lists. Bargaining will continue until the presentation of candidate lists to the Higher Board of Election.


"Political order is needed for a cross-border military operation. Turkish army is not bully," said Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Buyukanit regarding news reports claiming "Turkish troops entered into north of Iraq." Reports claiming cross-border operation had repercussions in the world press. Massoud Barzani said "there is no interference," while an internet site that is close to MOSSAD said "there also was a clash." Meanwhile, a state official in Ankara said, "I think something happened but it would not be appropriate to announce it."

Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Deniz Baykal said "If Justice & Development (AK) Party will not be open to a consensus while the new parliament elects the new president, it will suffer a heavy loss. AK Party will lose in a two-ballot box elections."

British company Cadbury, which previously purchased Turkish candy company Kent, will pay 450 million USD to buy a Turkish company that produces Falim (My Fortune) and First chewing gums. The price is twice as the price set in Turkish market.

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