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Turkish Press Review of Vatan, Cunhuriyet, Radikal, Turkiye, Zaman, Yeni Safak, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah

Turkish Press Review
Turkish Press Review of Vatan, Cunhuriyet, Radikal, Turkiye, Zaman, Yeni Safak, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah


The Foreign Ministry made an interesting comment when accepting the condition "not to enter north of Iraq" in the donation agreement: "This was binding the USA, not us. If we had entered north of Iraq, they would have suspended the loan." The government firstly denied claims of Deniz Baykal, the chairman of Republican People's Party (CHP), and said, "there is not such agreement." When Vatan daily published the minutes of the Congress, they said, "there is an agreement, but we have no commitments." When discussions continued, the Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday with a diplomatic language that the agreement was signed despite the condition. The most striking expression in the statement was: "under the agreement, if Turkey intervenes unilaterally in Iraq, the USA has the right to suspend the rest of the payment (of the loan). This was a unilateral decision binding the USA. Upon our economic development, we did not use the loan and cancelled the agreement."

PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "we will do what is necessary," when commenting on a motion on a possible operation into north of Iraq. Speaking in Show Haber (news program), Erdogan said, "I will meet Talabani, but I will not meet tribe leader Barzani." "We are a central party, we have left behind the national view identity," he added.

The fiasco in attempts to unite the central right wing has harmed Democrat Party (DP). In this case, the Motherland Party will not have any contributions to DP. This party won 3.6 percent of votes in Istanbul, and 5.4 percent of votes in Ankara in the previous general elections held on November 3rd, 2002. If DP chairman Mehmet Agar cannot reach 7 percent in these two cities with high number of voters, it will be a surprise for DP to pass the electoral threshold. On the other hand, the Young Party (GP) got 17.5 percent of votes in Aegean city of Izmir and 8.2 percent of votes in Istanbul in the previous elections. Those who oppose to Justice & Development (AK) Party in these cities may cast their votes with secularism concerns, instead of voting for some other alternatives. This will be a move against GP chairman Cem Uzan.


Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs joined Justice & Development (AK) Party government in denying claims that they signed an agreement in 2003 with USA to get 8.5 billion USD of loan and 1 billion USD of grant in return for a commitment not to intervene in north of Iraq. However, the ministry's statement included confirmative information more than a disclaimer. The issue of Turkey's not intervening in Iraq unilaterally has never become a pre-condition for the grant agreement, said the statement. "Under the agreement, if Turkey intervened in Iraq unilaterally during the payment process, the United States had the right to suspend the remaining part of the grant," it added.

Turkey grew 6.7 percent in the first three months of the year but the number of unemployed reached 5 million. According to inflation rates announced by Turkish Board of Statistics (TUIK), consumer prices fell 0.24 percent, leading annual inflation to become 8.6 percent. If consumer prices in June were higher than 0.15, annual inflation would exceed 8.7 percent and Central Bank would have to submit a report to the government to drop inflation.


Mehmet Simsek, one of the election candidates of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party, gave an account of the his party's targets and things that must be done within five years. "Steps should be taken on the micro level although problems in countries like Turkey are macro problems. But first of all, social security reform must be completed and we have to make a shift to products with higher added value," Simsek said. "State-owned enterprises which cannot be privatized should be made commercial institutions by recruiting professionals," he added.


Rahmi Koc, the honorary chairman of Koc Holding, said that the Fifth World Chambers Congress brought together many distinguished businessmen around the world, and added, "recent developments are the proof that economy is on the right track, and our people are happy."

Stressing that "your terrorist, my terrorist understanding" is wrong, PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the world: "Inclusion of PKK in terrorist lists by some countries is not a sufficient move. Promises should be left aside, and steps should be taken and actual fight should be launched now."

U.S. diplomats said, "the likelihood of Turkey invading northern Iraq before the July 22 election is very high. The U.S. government has not focused enough attention or resources to address Turkish concerns. I think we ought to be doing everything we can to counter the PKK. The biggest problem is getting the U.S. to do what it should do."


The Constitutional Court is set to discuss on Thursday appeals for the annulment of constitutional amendment which would allow election of the president with popular vote. President Ahmet Necdet Sezer and the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) separately appealed to the highest court for the annulment.

Operations against a group named Patriotic Forces Association led investigators to re-visit the cases of a May 2006 attack on the Council of State and the seizure of more than two dozens of hand grenades in Istanbul's Umraniye district last month. Suspects who were detained during the operations made allegations which can shake Turkey as it was claimed that the leading figure of the group also controlled another covert formation which is headed by Muzaffer Tekin, a retired officer who was arrested in relation with seized hand grenades. It is alleged that the behind-the-scene leader of the group is a retired security official who is currently residing in Istanbul. Meanwhile, Taner Unal, formal head of the Patriotic Forces Association alleged that the attack on the Council of State was carried out by Tekin's group.


PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan qualified gangs as "serious problem" and said, "they have connections everywhere. We are fighting against them. We are resolute." "They have connections everywhere just like terrorist organization that has collaborators in metropolises. It is a serious problem but we are resolute to fight against them. Our steps, taken so far, are the first steps of 'operation clean hands'," Erdogan told Yeni Safak.

International investment bank Morgan Stanley stated that Turkey has achieved the longest sustainable growth, and said, "the Central Bank may drop interest rates 75-100 points when political outlook becomes clear."


FM Abdullah Gul appeared live on TV last night, and commented on expectations for a motion regarding a possible operation on north of Iraq. "If the army tells us that we have to enter there tomorrow, we will enter tomorrow," Gul stated. Gul said, "there are some extraordinary circumstances," when asked if an operation can be staged before July 22 (general elections) and if the parliament will be resorted to get an authorization for such an operation.

Foreign investors raised the Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB) towards 50,000 points. These investors are claimed to conduct surveys which have outcomes that Justice & Development (AK) Party will again form a single-party government. The stock exchange broke two records on Wednesday and reached 49,733 points. One USD is around 1.29 new Turkish liras (YTL).

The State Supervision Council has found out that the private consumption tax (OTV) advantage provided by a special law for Kartet Elektrik (electricity), set up to sell electricity to Iraq, caused 12 million USD of state loss. According to the report of the council, Kartet Elektrik bought electricity from six cents but sold it in return for only 4.2 cents. Nuri Dogan Karadeniz, the brother of Osman Karadeniz --- the Chairman of the Executive Board of Kartet Elektrik --- was tried under detention in Operation "White Energy".


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan filed a lawsuit against Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahceli, who accused Erdogan of being in "negligence, depravity and treason" against Turkish nation. Erdogan demands 20,000 new Turkish liras (YTL). Erdogan's statement of claim said that Bahceli, who outrageously insulted Erdogan's personality, accused PM of being in disability to fulfill his constitutional duties and responsibilities.

Democrat Party (DP) leader Mehmet Agar said that he got a letter yesterday noting that he was in terrorist organization PKK's assassination list. "I am the only party leader who was targeted by PKK. Because they aware of our effective struggle (against them)," said Agar.


"Even Sarkozy got elected president in the second round. We will wait for the final decision of the Constitutional Court and I do not insist that I will be the next president," Gul told a public rally in the central city of Cankiri on Wednesday. "We cannot pretend as if nothing happened regarding the presidential election. Doing so would not comply with principles of democracy and open society. More than half of the voters say that a mistake was done in the presidential election. There is an unbelievable affection towards me," he added.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent on Wednesday a subtle message to the United States on the fight against terrorism. "As Turkey we are fighting against international terrorism and we expect to see the same from those who we see as friends. An international decisive action against terrorism is a must," Erdogan said. "Concrete steps should follow promises," he added.

The Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB) National-100 Index reached as high 49,733 in the afternoon session on Wednesday and closed at 49,476.29 points with a 49.93 points increase to set a new record closing. Stocks gained 0.10 percent in value in this session. On the daily basis, National-100 Index rose 795.99 points and stocks gained 1.64 percent in value.

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