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Turkish Press Review of Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Turkiye, Zaman, Yeni Safak, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah

Turkish Press Review
Turkish Press Review of Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Turkiye, Zaman, Yeni Safak, Hurriyet, Milliyet, Sabah


Taliban for the first time targeted Turks in Afghanistan. A Turkish police was injured in the attack. Three-vehicle convoy carrying Turkish team assigned in re-construction of Afghanistan, slowed down while passing a bridge in Kabul. The suicide bomber ran towards the vehicle and tried to open the doors. He detonated the bomb near the vehicle as he could not manage to open the doors of the car. Later a cross fire has started. The Turkish Special forces countered. Police officer Erol Sarica was injured.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who earlier made a statement and said he would withdraw from politics if AK Party does not manage to be in the government alone (following the July 22nd elections), now said, "I will do it if Mr. Baykal and Mr. Bahceli also make the same promise."


After two soldiers died in Sirnak the previous day, a sorrowful news came from Hakkari yesterday. Two soldiers were killed as the terrorist organization PKK detonated mines by a remote-control when a military vehicle was traveling on a road that connects Cukurca town with two villages. Six soldiers were injured in the attack.

It has been revealed that 1,252 of the U.S. arms, seized by Turkish security forces in their operations against the terrorist organization PKK, were granted by the USA to the Iraqi army. A Walter gun which was used in an attack in Izmir that killed a police officer was bought by the USA from Germany, and sent to Iraq. It has been revealed that 1,086 Glock, 4 Bumar, 124 Walter and 38 Sig Sauer arms were among the weapons given by the USA to the Iraqi security forces.


According to 9 surveys conducted by KONDA, administered by Tarhan Erdem, in the past 6 months, Justice & Development (AK) Party would come to the power alone and Republican People's Party (CHP) would be the main opposition party. The surveys indicate Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) as the third party passing the election threshold. KONDA interviewed with more than 25,000 people in the 9 surveys from February to July. According to the recent survey, AKP will get 42.6 percent of votes, CHP 17.3 percent, and MHP would get 12.5 percent. Those who could not decide has a high rate: 11 percent.

Istanbul is ranked the third best city of Europe, according to U.S. Travel & Leisure review. The review carried out a survey in its last issue about best cities and hotels in the world and Europe. According to the survey, Istanbul's ranking is 84.78 over 100, and was chosen as the 3rd best city of Europe. Florence ranked first and Rome second in the poll. Istanbul has been chosen as the 8th among the best cities of the world. Istanbul also obtained the most exotic city title among world's best 10 cities as well.


Speaking in election rallies in Gaziantep and Kahramanmaras, PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey was heading towards a happy future, and added, "we will make dreams and aspirations of our nation come true. Cast your votes to stability on July 22nd so that our children will not have a dark future."

The terrorist organization PKK detonated mines in Hakkari when a military vehicle was passing by. Two soldiers died, and six others were wounded in the attack.


It is claimed that forest fires that broke out in Bodrum town of Aegean city of Mugla were started by some circles who want to use the areas as new settlement sites. Fires especially broke out in windy days and in a few different places, and this raises the possibility that they may be intentional and eyes are turned on the recent decisions of the Tourism Ministry regarding the areas where forest fires started. The Ministry has declared the area which also covered the 300-hectare forested area that was burnt down to ashes, as "tourism development zone". The new construction plan of Bodrum was made public on June 7th, 2007. The fires began on July 7th 2007. According to Erol Kose, the head official of the Kizilagac neighborhood in Bodrum, said that 20 percent of the plots in the mentioned area were sold in the last two days, and prices were doubled. Forests are the biggest obstacle before new construction areas. The plots that belong to the Treasury or person which can no more be qualified as forests after a fire, become suitable for construction.

Ankara harshly reacted to Austria that did not arrest Riza Altun, a top member of the terrorist organization PKK who was wanted by the Interpol with a red bulletin, and sent Altun to Irbil. Austrian Charge d'affairs in Ankara was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, and he was told that Austria's stance is "unacceptable". FM Abdullah Gul criticized Vienna's attitude, and said that the Austrian police allowed Altun to get on a plane although they found a fake ID on him.


Burak Oymen, son of Republican People's Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Onur Oymen, holds talks with the Dubai Sheikh al-Maktoum for the giant land in Bodrum. Burak Oymen bought 4.8 million square meters land between Bodrum and Didim. Oymen, who is the partner and administrator of 3 billion USD investment, gave information to Dubai Prince about the project.

Austria sent Riza Altun, one of the top members of the PKK --- searched by Interpol, to north of Iraq, instead of arresting him. Turkey condemned Austria. Altun was detained in France on February 23rd during an investigation against PKK, however later released pending trial. He was again taken into custody on July 4th as he was searched by "red bulletin" but later released on condition of "judicial care". However, despite the decision, the Austrian authorities sent Altun to north of Iraq. Turkish MFA, after being informed that the terrorist was sent to Kandil Mountain despite the international agreements, summoned Austrian Ambassador in Ankara and warned him harshly.


17-year-old Turkish teenager Elif Su Yilmaz went missing last Monday while visiting Moscow. Elif's mother Yuksel Yilmaz said, "we were planning to go to a concert in the evening. Through the mobile phone she sent me a message saying that she got lost in the subway and could not come to the concert. She said she would come to the hotel but she did not. I telephoned her but she did not answer. Elif Su Yilmaz, who could be reached through the mobile phone afterwards, said, "I am going to my mother."

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul for the first time gave figures about the U.S. weapons claimed to be seized by Turkish security forces on the members of the terrorist PKK organization. Gul also said the Pentagon has launched a wide-scale investigation into the matter. Gul said, "1,260 weapons were seized on the PKK terrorists who were caught so far. We have informed the United States about this. Of course the weapons in question were not given by the United States to the terrorist organization. Those weapons were given by the United States to the new Iraqi army but later seized by the terrorist organization. The U.S. Defense Department has launched an investigation. There is corruption and several U.S. soldiers were involved in this."


MPs The parliament deposited three-month salary in the accounts of 532 MPs on July 15th in return for only one-week work. Only eight MPs returned the money. 533 MPs, including 256 people who were not nominated as candidate for MP for the upcoming general elections, each got 25,000 new Turkish liras (YTL) of salary. The total money deposited in the accounts was more than 13 million YTL. Only MPs Zulfu Livaneli (independent), Turhan Comez (Justice & Development - AK Party), Hasan Ozyer (Motherland Party), Cengiz Kaptanoglu (AK Party), Muharrem Eskiyapan (AK Party), Memduh Hacioglu (independent), Ersin Arioglu (Republican People's Party-CHP), and Cemal Yilmaz Demir (AK Party) gave back the salaries. Cemal Yilmaz Demir demanded that he should not be paid his salary back in case he is re-elected on Sunday. The amount of salary paid to 256 MPs who have not been nominated for Sunday's elections reached 6 million YTL. Moreover, new 256 people who will enter the parliament instead of them will also be paid the same amount of salary. This means that the state will pay double salary.

FM Abdullah Gul announced that they have received some information that the arms given by the USA to the Iraqi army ended up in the hands of the terrorist organization PKK because of a corruption in which some U.S. soldiers were involved. Gul said that 1,200 weapons seized by Turkish security forces in operations against the terrorist organization PKK, were U.S.-made. "The investigation launched by the Pentagon is being widened. The USA cannot give arms to PKK, which it defines as a terrorist network. A corruption is in question," he added.


PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "DTP (Democratic Society Party) members are asking for an appointment from me. I will not give them any appointment unless they say 'PKK is a terrorist organization' and reject it." Erdogan responded harshly to the claims that his Justice & Development (AK) Party will form a coalition government with the DTP members after the elections. "DTP once said 'it is our backyard' for the terrorist organization PKK. It should reject it and call the PKK a terrorist organization. DTP will have this stain on itself unless it does so," he stated. Answering a question, Erdogan said, "it seems that there will be two parties in the new parliament. The third party is still under a test. It may or may not enter the parliament."

The Taliban targeted at a convoy including Turkish diplomats and special force members in Afghan capital of Kabul. A suicide attack was staged on a convoy of three cars on which Turkish flags were hung. Special force officer Erol Sarica was wounded in his leg. The suicide bomber tried to open the door of the armored vehicle when the vehicle slowed down, however he blew himself off when he could not open the door.


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