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Turkish Press Review of türkiye, Zaman, Yeni Şafak, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Hürriyet, Milliyet, Sabah

Turkish Press Review
Turkish Press Review of türkiye, Zaman, Yeni Şafak, Vatan, Cumhuriyet, Radikal, Hürriyet, Milliyet, Sabah


Turkey and Iraq decided to make cooperation against PKK terrorist organization. Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki who met in Ankara signed a memorandum of understanding which envisages cooperation in many areas especially fight against terrorism.

Muhsin Yazicioglu, independent parliamentarian form central Anatolian city of Sivas, joined Grand Unity Party (BBP); and now 7 political parties are being represented at Parliament. The number of independents dropped to 4.


Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki paid an important visit to Ankara on Tuesday. His first significant message came aboard his plane before he landed in the capital, saying that PKK was a terrorist organization and Iraq would let it take shelter on his country's soil. Maliki held a four-hour meeting with Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the two signed a memorandum of understanding on the fight against the PKK. With the document, Iraq made a written commitment on the issue, pledging to hand over any PKK member it captured in Iraqi territory. The two countries are also set to sign a cooperation agreement within two months.

Former speaker of parliament Bulent Arinc said Tuesday that he would not re-run for the post where he has served for the last five years. "I had a full term as the speaker of the parliament but I am just a deputy now," Arinc told reporters. Arinc also said that he could accept another post if he were assigned to it.


The new cabinet will be presented to the new president to be elected by the parliament, not current President Ahmet Necdet Sezer. The decision was adopted at the Justice & Development (AK) Party HQ on the night of the July 22nd general elections. President Sezer vetoed all high-level appointments, particularly the Secretary General of the National Security Council (MGK), saying that "these appointments should be made by the new government" or saying that "they are baseless". This has been an inspiration for AK Party. AK Party, which got the message to rule to country by winning 47 percent of votes in the election night, agreed that a new president can be elected at the parliament within 45 days -- which will be given to itself to form the new government. Thus, AK Party administration decided to wait for the new president to present the list of the new cabinet. Sezer's "veto" on some previous cabinet members was also effective on this decision.

Turkey and Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding to end the presence of the terrorist organization PKK in Iraq. Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki said that they will sing a security cooperation agreement. Turkey will open a consulate in Basra, and Iraq will inaugurate a consulate in Turkish southeastern city of Gaziantep. Turkish Petroleum Corp. (TPAO) will explore oil in Iraq, and a joint power plant will be constructed.


There is a war of nerves between Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan and FM Abdullah Gul. Erdogan finds mediators and lobbies to convince Gul to withdraw his candidacy for president. Erdogan and Gul do not discuss this matter face-to-face, however some reliable sources carry messages from Erdogan to Gul. The mood of those close to Erdogan and the message they are giving to some influential dignitaries of the business world are as follows: "Erdogan does not definitely want Gul to be a candidate. He thinks that Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) will react, and this situation will cause a continuous tension in the country. And, he knows that such an atmosphere will harm his project to achieve the goal of 10,000 USD of national income per person in the second term his Justice & Development (AK) Party is ruling the country, and make Turkey a regional power and a center of attraction. Also he does not want Gul to be put in the presidential office, the authorities of which will be limited with constitutional amendments and which is turned into a symbolic office. In the meantime, Gul's close friends think that 'there is no return as AK Party's votes climbed to 47 percent as the nation wanted to see Gul in the Cankaya Presidential Palace'. This view also bothers Erdogan."

PM Erdogan hosted his Iraqi counterpart Nuri al-Maliki in Ankara on Tuesday. At the end of the meeting that lasted longer than scheduled, a pre-memorandum of understanding on cooperation in terrorism was signed. Al-Maliki said that the number of Iraqi troops on Kandil Mountains will be doubled, while Kandil's connection with Turkish border will be cut.


Debates on presidential candidacy divided the ruling Justice & Development (AK) Party administration. PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been giving messages to FM Abdullah Gul for a long time for not running for presidency. Several executives are supporting Erdogan in order to prevent tension between institutions, and they want consensus. On the other hand, some other members of the party are saying that preventing Gul's running for presidency offends those who cast votes for AK Party.

When patrolling military vehicle hit land mine --planted by PKK terrorists-- in Yuksekova town of southeastern city of Hakkari, officer Caglar Canbaz was killed, and two village guards were wounded.


Iraqi PM Nuri Al-Maliki who was under pressure from Barzani, did not sign the counter terror agreement. PM Erdogan hosted the Iraqi PM Mailiki in Ankara but was not able to get exactly what he wanted against the terrorist organisation PKK. Maliki promised to exert joint efforts in the combat against terrorism but instead of signing a counter-terror agreement he signed a MoU. Maliki indicated that the counter-terror agreement would be signed two months later, after the special delegation has finished its proceedings. Maliki's visit was shadowed by the Chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Barzani. Barzani's advisor Dizayee was among those who welcomed Maliki.

Bulent Arinc of Justice and Development (AK) Party announced that he would not be a candidate for Parliament Speaker ballot and said, "I'm a plain MP. If I am assigned to a post, I don't have the luxury to disdain. All MPs need to trust the Chairman." Arinc also gave hints of what the desired post for him may be, "I'm a good criminal lawyer, while I save one from the gallows, I send another one to it."


PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan told his close friends after the general elections that "the new period will be the period of achievements, not crisis". This has been interpreted as Erdogan wants to see people who will not cause any crisis in the president's and parliament speaker's office. During its Central Executive Board (MYK) meeting that lasted about five and a half hours on Monday night, Justice & Development (AK) Party has assumed an attitude in line with Erdogan's views regarding the two persons who will be appointed to highest positions in the state. MYK members, close to Erdogan, suggested "a new name for new situation". "The presidential office is Abdullah Gul's right. There is no doubt that he will assume this position with success. However, a new situation has emerged, and assessment should be made accordingly. The decision and responsibility belongs to Abdullah Ocalan," MYK members think.

Despite the AK Party MYK meeting and the call of AK Party members close to Erdogan that "a new person has to be nominated for president", FM Abdullah Gul told his close friends: "if we do not run for candidacy, we will have difficulty in explaining it."

Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki and FM Hoshyar Zebari were convinced in a five-hour bargaining with PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan and FM Abdullah Gul on Tuesday. Iraq took a backward step. They signed a memorandum of understanding which envisages "declaring the PKK as a terrorist organization and ending its presence in Iraq".


It is still not certain whether FM Abdullah Gul will run for presidency. There are three different trends at Justice & Development (AK) Party: "showing Gul as candidate", "leave the decision to Gul" and "a different candidate can be found".

Officer Caglar Canbaz was killed when land mine --planted by PKK terrorists-- was exploded with a remote controller in Yesiltas village of Yuksekova town of southeastern city of Hakkari. It was learned that Canbaz has been killed on his birthday.


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Iraqi counterpart Nuri al-Maliki signed Tuesday a memorandum of understanding on the fight against the terrorist organization PKK. Maliki, who arrived in Ankara on the invitation of Erdogan, qualified PKK for the first time as a "terrorist organization." Yet, there have been rumors that Masoud Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) could not be persuaded about the document that Erdogan and Maliki had signed.

A minibus carrying seasonal workers collided with a truck near the central city of Sivas, killing 24 people. The workers were on their way en route to the Black Sea Sea of Giresun.

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