Turkish talent at the top of global giants

Turkish professionals have become popular among global companies while not too long ago, Turkey used to import specialists and executives.

Turkish talent at the top of global giants

Foreign giants, having developed an interest in Turkey and purchased local companies, now transfer promising Turkish executives that have exhibited impressive performances at local branches to their headquarters. Coca-Cola has recently announced that Muhtar Kent, the company's world market (excluding North America) administrator, would be its CEO starting in July 2008. Bosch promoted Gürcan Karakaş, the company's Turkish operations executive, to deputy chair. Turgay Göker became the chairman of Central and East Europe operations for Roche, a producer of pharmaceuticals. Another pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, has chosen Ahmet Esen to be the general manager of its operations in China, which the company cites as a strategic market. The primary reason for the many global companies' affinity to Turkish executives is their experience during times of crises. Turkish executives currently under the spotlight work in a number of fields ranging from informatics to consumption goods, from fuel oil to beverages and a number of others. Multinational enterprises like Coca-Cola, Unilever, Procter and Gamble and Pfizer all hire Turkish executives. Demand for Turkish names is especially visible in region that resemble Turkey, such as East Europe, Central Asia, the Balkans and Latin American countries. According to Murat Yeşildere, executive and partner at the world's largest and most prestigious consulting firm, Egon Zehnder International, the reason for this trend is simple: "Our experiences over one decade equal the experience of a century. In a sense, we have been immunized to economic crises, shocks. Our executives are now more durable and reasonable and competent enough to deal with crises. We have learned how to deal with different crises like fluctuation in the currency rate and earthquakes. Foreign companies wish to transfer this sort of experience."

Süreyya Ciliv, assigned Turkcell CEO after serving as a high level executive at Microsoft's headquarters for seven years, was on both sides of the table -- producing technology as part of Microsoft and requiring technology as part of Turkcell. Noting that his team at Turkcell is no different than his teammates in Microsoft, Ciliv underlines that the young and dynamic Turkish executives are competent enough to compete with their colleagues in the world. Ciliv further says, "Based on my experience during my active business life in the United States, I can say that Turkish executives and employers are more ambitious and industrious than others."

During recruitment, companies consider whether the candidate is able to manage crisis situations. Ayşegül İldeniz, who has been serving as the Middle East, Turkey and Africa regional director at Intel since 2004, says: "We are accustomed to crisis situations because of our tenure in Turkey. It is some sort of know-how; it is vital for a company to keep the operations intact without any damage in times of crises. In addition, Turkey's economic and social conditions are also determinative in the decision to hire a Turkish executive. For instance, the region that falls into my responsibility is pretty similar to the Turkish market. At this point, my experience in the Turkish crises environments has been of great help in my career."

Turkish executives working for global companies
Muhtar Kent Coca-Cola COO

Ahmet Bozer Coca-Cola Eurasia Group president

Meltem Metin Yazıcı Coca-Cola Kazakhstan general manager

Mehmet Öğütçü British Gas energy group president

Gürcan Karakaş Bosch Aftermarket deputy chair

Tuygan Göker Roche Central and East Europe chair

Hilmi Kelleci: SVP Holding deputy president

Faruk Akosman DHL marketing manager for developing countries

Tolga Sezer Aujan Group deputy chair of marketing

Ahmet Esen Pfizer China general manager

Özer Baysal Pfizer North Europe chair

Bülent Atlığ Pfizer International Production Group deputy chair

Ahmet Göksun Pfizer South Korea general manager

Ömer Dormen BP Middle East and Iran regional director

Kaan Terzioğlu CISCO Central and East Europe deputy chair

Mete Kabatepe CISCO Central and East Europe advanced technologies director

Ayşegül İldeniz Intel Middle East, Turkey and Africa regional director

Yalım Kır Nokia Southern Africa general manager

Ülker Kırımlı Nokia Europe Channels chair

Sinan Afra Ebay international institutional development director

Kürşat Koçdağ Philip Morris International Middle East director


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