Turkish Unakıtan EU Finance Minister of the Year 2007

Turkish Finance Minister Kemal Unakitan was decorated with the "Finance Minister of the Year 2007 in Europe" award by The Banker magazine, in London on Friday.

Turkish Unakıtan EU Finance Minister of the Year 2007
Speaking at the ceremony, Unakitan said the current Turkish government that came to power after 2000-2001 crisis, completed many reforms, restored financial discipline and ensured progress.

"The Justice & Development (AK) Party government will pursue the same policies and will not make concession on financial discipline," he remarked.

Unakitan said structural reforms would continue in Turkey, harmonization laws with the EU would be implemented and privatization would go on.

On the other hand, Karina Robinson, who took the floor in the ceremony, appreciated Turkey's economic performance and eulogized Unakitan who assumed the biggest role in this performance.

Robinson praised success of Turkish banks, and pointed to the reform process in Turkey as well as financial discipline implemented.

The Banker Magazine is published by Financial Times group.


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