Turkish unions support govt's Kurdish move

Interior Minister Akalay visited Confederation of Public Servants' Trade Unions and took their support to Kurdish move.

Turkish unions support govt's Kurdish move

As part of his tour to political parties and non-governmental organizations regarding government's democratic move, Interior Minister Besir Akalay visited Friday Confederation of Public Servants' Trade Unions (Memur-Sen) and took their support.

Atalay met Memur-Sen Chairman Ahmet Gundogdu in Ankara and asked support for government's move.

"In general, Memur-Sen, just like everyone, supports every effort exerted for Turkey's unity, integrity, fraternity and for a better and more peaceful future," Atalay said.

Memur-Sen has the largest number of members among confederations of public servants' unions and is the strongest confederation in public sector, Atalay said.

On his part, Memur-Sen Chairman Gundogdu said his confederation attaches great importance to democratic move.

He expressed belief that such process could yield positive results and said, "Turkey's major need is democratization."

"Kurdish initiative"

Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan last month announced that his government initiated a move to deal with the Kurdish issue and the Ministry of Interior was assigned with the coordination of this task.

As a first step, Interior Minister Atalay held a press conference to inform the public about the government's "democratic move" to address the so-called "Kurdish Issue". Atalay made clear that this was a process where measures would be shaped along the way through consensus of all state organs and all components of the society. Atalay said they would visit all political parties to ask for their contribution and support.

He later met with a group of journalists at a workshop titled "Solution of the Kurdish Issue: Towards a Turkey Model".

Atalay, so far, visited several political parties and non-governmental organizations.

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