Twin car bombs kill over 100 in Iraqi capital

The death toll from twin bombings in Iraq's capital reached 132 people with more than 500 wounded on Sunday.

Twin car bombs kill over 100 in Iraqi capital

Twin car bombs targeting two government buildings killed at least 132 people and wounded more than 500 in Baghdad on Sunday, police and health officials said, in one of the bloodiest days in the Iraqi capital this year.

The two blasts shook buildings and smoke billowed from the area near the Tigris River. The first targeted the Justice Ministry and the second, minutes later, was aimed at the nearby provincial government building, police said.

Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said he was in a hotel when the bombs went off and that he and others around him were showered in shattered glass.

The hotel houses the Chinese embassy and several foreign media organisations. None reported serious injuries.

The street near the provincial government building was flooded with water and firefighters pulled charred and mangled bodies off the streets. Burnt-out cars were piled up nearby.

Emergency workers on cranes searched through the shattered facade of the Justice Ministry and pulled out corpses wrapped in blankets.

"I don't know how I'm still alive. The explosion destroyed everything. Nothing is still in its place," shop owner Hamid Saadi told Reuters by telephone from near the Justice Ministry.

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