Two more Palestinian children die while stranded in Iraq: UN

Two more sick Palestinian children died last week while waiting resettlement from Iraq, the UN refugee agency UNHCR said Friday.

Two more Palestinian children die while stranded in Iraq: UN
A three-year-old boy died a few days ago in hospital and was buried in the Al Waleed refugee camp on the border with Syria, where his family had been living since September last year. Another child, 14, suffering from Hodgkin's disease had died in Baghdad last week.

UNHCR said a total of seven people had now died at the refugee camp, including three young children, since families started arriving at the border in March 2006.

The agency had appealed for help earlier this year to resettle stranded Palestinians in need of urgent medical help unavailable to them in Iraq. So far UNHCR had only resettled one family of eight, which included several sick children, to Norway.

An estimated 2,000 Palestinians are living in the refugee camps, some of them for many years.

Meanwhile UNHCR was concerned at growing numbers of refugees returning to Iraq from Syria after running out of money or whose visas had expired. On Tuesday the Iraqi government had organized a convoy to bring 800 people home.

UNHCR said while it was ready to assist people returning home it did not feel the time had come to encourage people to come back given security concerns.

There are 2.2 million Iraqi refugees, most of them in Syria, and an estimated 2.4 million internally disaplced people, according to Iraqi government figures.


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