UK Muslims criticize media reporting following foiled terror plot

Media speculation that followed the recently uncovered terror plot to kidnap and behead a Muslim soldier in UK has irked the Muslim Community there, with members of Birmingham's Muslim community saying that media reports that followed the arrest of nine l

UK Muslims criticize media reporting following foiled terror plot

"There is no evidence, that we know of, but pure speculation, statements from the home secretary, houses raided and the media frenzy,'' The Associated Press quoted Tariq Mahmoud, who lives in the area where some of the arrests took place, as saying.

"The media will go away, the polities will move on, but we will feel the effects of this farce for years to come,'' he said.

Although none of those detained has yet been charged, the arrests occupied unneeded attention from the media in a way that's going to affect the Muslim Community in UK.

Strict measures adopted by UK police following London attacks and several mistakes by anti-terrorist police have angered many Muslims in the majority Christian society and fueled anti-Muslim sentiments against them and all Muslim communities in the West.

Police described the plot to kidnap and behead a Muslim soldier, who had served in Afghanistan as an "Iraq-style" kidnapping, arguing that the plotters sought to imitate the abduction and execution of Western hostages in Iraq.

There has been a Muslim presence in the United Kingdom for at least 300 years. Currently there are over 1.5 million Muslims living in Multi-ethnic Britain.

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