UK Stores 'Sexualizing' Children

The British National Union of Teachers (NUT) has lashed out at the country's supermarkets and stores for "sexualizing" girls and children in their kid departments.

UK Stores 'Sexualizing' Children

The British National Union ofTeachers (NUT) has lashed out at the country's supermarkets and stores for"sexualizing" girls and children in their kid departments bydisplaying eye-catching materials like lacy lingerie and T-shirts with sexual connotations,The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday, April 7.

"Some of the big supermarkets have been lettingour youngsters down," NUT Secretary General Steve Sinnott was quoted assaying by the Telegraph.

"They have been targeting schools forsponsorship with particular products that damage their health."

The Union cited ina report examples of sex-related materilas like pole-dancing kits, lacylingerie and T-shirts with slogans such as "so many boys, so littletime."

It warned against a boom in "inappropriate andsexually provocative" clothes and make-up currently promoted amongchildren.

"Big business had infiltrated childhood to preyon insecurities about body image," the report said.

It warned that those products are putting greatpressure on children to grow up too quickly.

"The pressure imposed on children by thoseproducts may even lead to mental health problems and a growth in teenagepregnancy," the report warned.


Sinnot slammed the greedy traders, who exploitvulnerable children for personal naturalistic gains.

"All of this sexualization of childhood isinappropriate for youngsters, it is exploitative of youngsters" Sinnottsaid.

"Childhood should be about education andenjoyment, not about commercial exploitation. These things must end," hestressed.

The Daily Telegraph has launched a campaigntitled "Hold On To Childhood" to shed lights on the dangers ofchildren's exposure to sex in media.

The US-based North Carolina University released astudy in April 2006 on the children exposure to sexual charged materials in theUS media.

The Study warned that youngsters are motivated tohave sex at early ages by their exposure to those material including sexuallycharged music, magazines, TV and movies.

The study also showed that underage sex leads todisastrous consequences, chiefly unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitteddiseases.

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