Ukraine's pro-Western coalition proposes Tymoshenko as PM

A coalition of two parties linked to Ukraine's pro-Western "Orange Revolution" on Tuesday proposed Yulia Tymoshenko as their candidate to be restored in her old job as prime minister.

Ukraine's pro-Western coalition proposes Tymoshenko as PM
Members of parliament representing Our Ukraine, the party of President Viktor Yushchenko, and Tymoshenko's bloc approved the proposal unanimously in a room inside the parliament building.

The coalition is now to submit Tymoshenko's nomination to the president, who then has 15 days to consider it and send it to the 450-seat parliament for approval.

The two "orange" groups control 227 seats in parliament after a September election, one more than required to win most votes in the chamber.

Also approved unanimously by the coalition was a proposal to nominate Foreign Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk as speaker of parliament.


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