UN imposes fresh sanctions on Iran

The UN Security Council has voted unanimously to impose additional sanctions against Iran as a punishment for its refusal to stop enriching uranium.

UN imposes fresh sanctions on Iran

Iranrejected the UNSC decision to impose tougher sanctions on it to block armsexports, and freeze the assets of individuals and organizations involved in theIranian nuclear programs.

Speaking to the Security Council after the vote, Foreign Minister ManouchehrMottaki stated clearly that "pressure and intimidation" won't force Tehran halt its peacefulnuclear program.

"Iran does not seekconfrontation nor does it want anything beyond its inalienable rights," hesaid, adding that Iranwon't return to negotiations over its nuclear activities unless Washington andits European allies drop "unfair and unacceptableprecondition" that it first halts all activities related to uraniumenrichment.

Commenting on the UN decision, Nicholas Burns, undersecretary for politicalaffairs at the State Department said;

"It's a significant international rebuke to Iranand it's a significant tightening of international pressure on Iran,"

He warned that in case Iranrefuses to comply, "there's no question" that the United Stateswill seek a third and tougher resolution.

Washington, backed by the European Unionand Israel, claims that Iran ispursuing a nuclear weapons program.

Despite the prevailing support of the UN resolution against Iran, many countries warned of seriousconsequences or pressuring Iran,given the current tension in the region.

"The unanimous adoption of Security Council Resolution 1747 reflectsthe international community's profound concerns over Iran's nuclear programmes,"British ambassador to the UN Emyr Jones Parry said in a statement on behalf ofthe Council.

"We deplore Iran'sfailure to comply with the earlier resolutions of the Security Council and theInternational Atomic Energy Agency and we call upon Iran once again to comply fullywith all its international obligations," he said.

"This resolution sends an unambiguous signal to the government andpeople of Iran... that thepath of nuclear proliferation by Iran is not one that theinternational community can accept," Mr Jones Parry said after the vote.

Iranis given 60 days to comply with the resolution.


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