UN tells Serbia to quit interfering in Kosovo

U.N. authorities in Kosovo told Serbia on Wednesday to stop interfering in Serb areas of the new state, where a Serb boycott has fuelled speculation Belgrade is trying to partition the territory.

UN tells Serbia to quit interfering in Kosovo
The U.N. mission called on Serbia to respect its mandate in the Kosovo, where the 90-percent Albanian majority declared independence with Western-backing last month.

It said Serbia should cooperate in re-establishing customs points on Kosovo's northern border, which were burned down by Serb mobs, allow Serb police officers to return to work and stop strengthening Belgrade-financed "parallel structures" in health, education, courts and administration.

"If Belgrade says publicly that (U.N. Security Council Resolution) 1244 should be respected, we expect them to put their money where their mouth is," U.N. mission spokesman Alexander Ivanko told a news conference.

"We are trying to re-establish the courts, we are trying to re-establish the customs," he said. "This will take time, it will not happen tomorrow."

Kosovo declared independence on Feb 17, nine years after NATO bombed to drive out Serbian forces and halt the killing and ethnic cleansing of Albanians in a two-year.


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