Under-fire Romanian justice minister to resign

Romanian Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu, under investigation for alleged corruption, said Sunday he would offer his resignation to Prime Minister Calin Tariceanu.

Under-fire Romanian justice minister to resign
'Tomorrow (Monday) morning I will present to the prime minister my resignation from the post of justice minister,' the 30-year-old Chiuariu told a news conference.

'It is a gesture of responsibility. I do not wish for personal and political disputes to affect the activity and the credibility of state institutions,' he added.

President Traian Basescu called last week on Tariceanu to replace Chiuariu, saying that the corruption investigation could harm the image of the EU member state's justice system.

Chiuariu, who became minister in April in a cabinet reshuffle, was placed under investigation in September following allegations of abuse of power involving the sale of state land.

According to media reports he had valued the land at five million euros (7.3 million dollars), when it was actually worth 100 million euros. The minister has rejected the allegations.

Romania, which joined the European Union on January 1, was still considered to have shortfalls in the fight against corruption, and was to remain under Commission surveillance for three years.

Brussels is due to publish a new report in June 2008 on the country's efforts to fight corruption.


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