US applauds Turkey's efforts for solution of Syrian-Israeli dispute

US State Department spokesperson Sean McCormack said on Monday at a press conference that Turkey's mediation in peace talks between Israel and Syria was worthy of applause.

US applauds Turkey's efforts for solution of Syrian-Israeli dispute
Responding to a question from reporters referring to remarks from Syrian president Bashar al-Assad suggesting that the support of the US as a broker was needed for the success of talks with Israel, McCormack said he didn't think either side had requested such a thing from the US.

"If the sides and all the parties to this want the United States to participate, it's something we would consider. To my knowledge, we haven't been requested to participate in the process. As a matter of fact, the Turkish government should be applauded for the fact that they are working to further the cause of peace in the region," he said.

He added that the only caution from the US was that Syrian-Israeli talks should not substitute for or in any way distract from the direct negotiations that were under way between Israel and Palestine.

Answering a question about Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan's upcoming visit to Washington, McCormack said US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Babacan would meet on June 5.

"Turkey can play a very important role. It's got a lot of influence. It's an important country. It has a lot of resources. And, moreover, it can be a voice for -- has been and can be a voice for -- peace in the region," he said.


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