US-led air raid kills 7 Afghans

A U.S.-led coalition air strike killed seven Afghan civilians on Thursday in the eastern province of Kunar, provincial officials said.

US-led air raid kills 7 Afghans

The pre-dawn attack hit a house in the Shegal district, to the east of the provincial capital Asadabad, where village elders had gathered to settle a dispute, said two provincial officials who declined to be identified.

"Seven people, several of them village elders, were killed in the bombing and the coalition also made some arrests," one official said.

A spokesman for the coalition in Kabul said he did not know of the incident and was checking.

Kunar is near the border with Pakistan and the Taliban and their Islamic allies, including members of the al Qaeda network, have been active there since U.S.-led troops overthrew the Taliban in 2001.


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