US soldier guilty in Iraqi death

A military jury in Hawaii has convicted a soldier of aggravated assault in the killing of an Iraqi man last year.

US soldier guilty in Iraqi death
The jury has found Army Specialist Christopher Shore not guilty of third-degree murder on Wednesday but guilty of the lesser charge.

The soldier had blamed the June 23 killing on his platoon leader.

Shore says he shot at but intentionally missed the victim when ordered by the platoon leader to finish him off.

Shore said Sergeant 1st Class Trey Corrales had ordered him to kill the Iraqi who was suspected of firing at a US helicopter.

Corrales, charged with premeditated murder, will go on trial on April 22.

Colonel Donna Wright, who presided over Shore's trial, told jurors they could either convict Shore of the murder charge, which is the equivalent of manslaughter, or of aggravated assault, or they could find him innocent.

Captain James Leary, the prosecutor, said duress was not a defence for murder, adding that a witness testified to seeing the victim talking and moving before he was shot.

He said that although Shore may not have wanted to hurt the victim, the decision to fire two shots at the man was itself illegal.

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