US: Syria and Israel peace deal 'premature' in Annapolis

The US said the Israeli-Syrian peace track was "premature" to be relaunched in Annapolis conference.

US: Syria and Israel peace deal 'premature' in Annapolis
The US Wednesday showed reservation at the Syrian level of representation to the Annapolis Middle East conference, saying the Israeli-Syrian peace track was "premature" to be relaunched.

Syrian deputy foreign minister Faisal Meqdad represented the Damascus regime to the US-sponsored conference which was a backward move compared to foreign ministerial level of the rest of the Arab countries, a senior State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said.

The official, speaking to a group of reporters, said the Syrian-Israeli peace track was premature to be relaunched. But when this track is ready to move on, he said, the US would never object peace between Arabs and the Jewish state.

Part of the Annapolis conference was dedicated to the Syrian and Lebanese tracks, said the official, noting the Lebanese and Syria officials had a chance to talk about their own perspectives concerning the peace process.

He hoped Lebanon would start peace negotiations but the government of Beirut was not ready because of the political standoff.

Meqdad had told conferees that his country's participation "is an additional step by Syria to contribute in the making of a just and comprehensive peace." He said that Syria held peace talks with five Israeli government, lashing out at the Israeli prolonging of the occupation which was the cause of all disasters in the region.

Meqdad said the Arab countries were committed to their peace initiative that was launched by Arab leaders in their 2002 summit.

He said accomplishing peace needed a genuine political will.


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