US to deliver Pakistan new fighter jets

The US Congress has approved the delivery of ten refurbished F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, diplomatic sources told the Pakistani daily Dawn.

US to deliver Pakistan new fighter jets
Four of the aircraft will be delivered to Pakistan by the end of June and four others by the end of July. Pakistan has already received two such aircraft.

Two refurbished F-16s are with the manufacturers and will be delivered soon.

Besides the refurbished planes, Pakistan is buying 18 new F-16 fighter jets from the United States.

Islamabad had previously agreed to buy 36 of these aircraft at a total cost of 5.1 billion dollars, which included the associated weapons, spares and the upgrading of an earlier fleet purchased in the 1980s.

Pakistan, however, will still have to spend 1.3 billion dollars on the upgrade and modification of the F-16A/B aircraft purchased previously.

Engine modifications and purchasing some new equipment for the old fleet will cost Pakistan an additional 151 million dollars.

The sources said the new aircraft would be fully equipped with weapons and facilities that came with an F-16 Block 50/52 aircraft. The planes would be capable of carrying nuclear and non-nuclear weapons.

However, the US will have the right to conduct frequent inspections and inventory checks.

Pakistan's request for new planes and for the modification for its earlier fleet was put on hold after the October 2005 earthquake.

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