U.S.'s triple benefits in Africa's Horn

It's become crystal clear that Washington seeks stretching her range of influence to include the Horn of Africa, and has long been re-engineering its policy in the region in a way that grants it greater power and hegemony there.

U.S.'s triple benefits in Africa's Horn

Further violence and instability in the Horn of Africa, described by analysts as the newest active area on the geopolitical grand chessboard, will have long term implications throughout the Muslim world and internationally.

Muslim countries, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and all international Islamic organisations and movements need to unite to save the Somalis and support the Somali Muslims, in their struggle against the puppet government, backed by the United States and Ethiopia, believed to have been provided with extensive military aid from Washington in the recent outbreak of violence in the country.

In its support to the Ethiopian forces to help quell the presence of Union of Islamic Courts fighters in Somalia and put an end to their influence there, the United States wasn't actually protecting the Somali nation against what it alleged was the Islamists' ties to terror groups and Al Qaeda network, but it was actually seeking to create vassal states there and in neighboring Ethiopia, stated an editorial on Tehran Times.

The recent fighting in Somalia, instigated and fueled by the United States and its Western allies is part of a wider plan to kill three birds with one stone in Somalia; i.e. toppling the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) government , installing the "government" of warlords that has been operating in Baidoa as a U.S. ally, and persuading Ethiopia that it will always have the support of the West in its quest for power in Horn of Africa. (the U.S. seeks making Ethiopia its main regional vassal state).

The situation in the Horn of Africa in general and in Ethiopia in particular is becoming increasingly complicated, with different parties, each having its own interests and agendas, thanks to the U.S.'s interference in the power struggle there which has actually made it worse and endangered the lives of the nations in the region.

Currently there are two pieces of legislations before the U.S. Congress, both directly affect Ethiopia and Somalia and can be seen as a sign of the U.S. intentions in Horn of Africa which it considers a key constituent and ally in its strategic geo-political interests.

A Bill stipulates encouraging and facilitating "the consolidation of security, human rights, and economic freedom in Ethiopia." The bill is also referred to as the "Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights Advancement Act of 2006." And in the Senate of the United States (109th Congress 2nd Session) is an Amendment No 4526, whose purpose is "to require the President [of the United States] to develop a comprehensive strategy toward Somalia."

The amendment also requires from the United States to:

"[1] support the development of the Transitional Federal institutions in Somalia into a unified national government, support humanitarian assistance to the people of Somalia, support efforts to prevent Somalia from becoming a safe haven for terrorists and terrorist activities, and support regional stability;

"[2] broaden and integrate its strategic approach toward Somalia within the context of United States activities in countries of the Horn of Africa, including Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea and in Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula; and

"[3] carry out all diplomatic, humanitarian, counter-terrorism and security-related activities in Somalia within the context of a comprehensive strategy developed through an interagency process."

The policy statement guiding the Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights Act of 2006, otherwise referred to as HR 5680, notes: "It is the policy of the United States to [1] support the advancement of human rights, democracy, independence of the judiciary, freedom of the press, peacekeeping capacity building, and economic development in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; [2] collaborate with Ethiopia in the global war on terror; [3] seek the unconditional release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia; [4] foster stability, democracy and economic development in the region and [5] strengthen United States-Ethiopian relations based on the policy objectives ..."

The "Ethiopian Bill" empowers the Secretary of State to "establish a mechanism to provide financial support to local and national human rights groups and other relevant civil society organisations to help strengthen human rights monitoring in Ethiopia".

Muslim countries need to foil the plot now being carried out by the West and Washington, which had been funneling funds into Somalia that exacerbated the crisis in the violence-torn country as various warring factions, hired by the U.S. (through the CIA) and Ethiopia, spread death and violence in Somalia.

Washington interfered in Somalia and backed Ethiopia simply to exploit its own selfish interests in the country.

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