Venezuela to expel Spanish companies if right wins election

If Spain's conservative party wins elections next year, Venezuela will expel Spanish companies out of Venezuela, said Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Saturday.

Venezuela to expel Spanish companies if right wins election
"If the right (Popular Party) wins again, forget about the Spanish," Chavez told a press conference at his presidential palace.

If Spain's conservatives continue to attack Venezuela, "then give me your banks, give me the bill," he said.

"Spanish companies go away, we do not need them," the Venezuelan leader said.

"We do not need Spain's investment in Venezuela, but we would like to keep them, (as) all we ask is respect."

Repsol YPF, the Spanish-Argentine oil company, would also "have to leave."

The threat was an escalation of a spat between Venezuela and Spain sparked on Nov. 10 when Spanish King Juan Carlos I told Chavez to "shut up" after the latter called former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, who is also the Popular Party leader, a "fascist" during a summit held in Chile.

During the press conference, Chavez said he still expected an apology from the Spanish king.

"Let him pick up his crown with dignity. Let him acknowledge that he went too far and that he has to apologize," he said.

However, he noted Venezuela does not want to worsen the situation, saying "it is possible that there will be some contact" with the Spanish government in the coming days as "Our Majesty has sent some messages."

"I hope that the supposed reflection of 'Our Majesty' is made public because it seems he is in deep reflection," said the president.


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