We await response from Armenia

Turkish Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Gul says Turkey is ready to work together with other parties to light on what happened during WWI in his article in the Washington Times.

We await response from Armenia

"We eagerly await a positive response from Armenia, agreeing toestablish a joint commission and declaring its readiness to accept itsconclusions. We are also prepared to work together with other partiesto conduct this research," said Turkish Foreign Minister and DeputyPrime Minister Abdullah Gul in his article in the Washington Times.

Washington Times published Gul's article titled "Politicizing the Armenian tragedy" as "today's editorial".

"I hereby extend an invitation to any third country, including theUnited States, to contribute to this commission by appointing scholarswho will earnestly work to shed light on this tragedy and open ways forus to come together," Gul wrote.

Gul said that as the United States and its allies confrontedcritical challenges around the world, there were no nations more at theforefront of collective efforts than Turkey.

Noting that relationship between Turkey and the USA has animportant bearing on regional and global stability, Gul said suchstrategic cooperation was jeopardized by a single interest group thatsolely pursued its own political agenda over national interests.

"Once again, Armenian lobbying organizations are determined topoliticize the past -- and impose their view of history -- without anyregard to the overriding and lasting interests of the United States orArmenia," Gul said.

"The historical period in question centers on 1915, when immensemutual suffering occurred amid the atrocities of World War I. Countlessindividual stories have been passed from generation to generation amongTurks, Armenians and others who then made up the Ottoman Empire.

But the complex political history and dynamics of that tumultuous period are yet to be fully grasped.

Each life lost is one too many, whether it is Armenian or Turk. Itis truly regrettable that there is no mention today of Turkish orMuslim lives lost during the same period," he continued.

With regard to the Armenian allegation describing the tragedy asgenocide, Gul said the question, from the point of view ofinternational law, was whether the Ottoman government systematicallypursued a calculated act of state policy for their destruction in wholeor in part.

Gul stressed that "the answer to this question could only beestablished by scholars who have the ability to evaluate the periodobjectively, working with the full range of available primary sources."

"Hence Turkey made a proposal to Armenia in 2005 to establish ajoint commission of historians to find out once and for all what reallyhappened, and how it took place. Turkey has no difficulties in facingits past. All Turkish archives, including the military archives of theperiod, are open to the entire international academic community.

"However, important Armenian archives are not. The establishment ofsuch a commission will also help shape an atmosphere conducive to thenormalization of Turkish-Armenian relations," he said.

Regarding a resolution pending in the U.S. House of Representativesthat makes mention of the events of 1915 as genocide, Gul said "itspassage would be tantamount to legislating a skewed version of history,which would be totally unjust and thus deeply offensive to the Turkishpeople who expressed their readiness to seek out the truth."

"Following the repulsive murder of the Turkish-Armenian journalistHrant Dink, Turkey invited officials of the Armenian government andrepresentatives from the Armenian diaspora to share the genuine griefof the Turkish people.

" These guests witnessed the enormous reaction of our citizens, whopoured by thousands into the streets. Yet, as we today consider ways tocreate a much-improved atmosphere with our neighbor, the Armeniangovernment appears to be propagating the fallacious idea that Turks aremissing a chance to recognize their genocide claims.

"As Mr Dink himself said in a published interview shortly before histragic death, (What I want from the Armenian Diaspora is not to makeany demands about accepting the genocide, neither from Turkey, from theparliament nor any other governments)," he added.

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