Web site for captive deputies attacked

Some circles that became uneasy with the petition campaign started to support captive Palestinian deputies attacked the web site, www.tutsakvekiller.com.

Web site for captive deputies attacked

By World Bulletin Staff

Circles that have become uneasy with the petition campaign started for the freedom of captive Palestinian deputies intensified the virtual attacks to hack the web site, www.tutsakvekiller.com founded for the campaign. 

While the server that the web site belongs is often tried "to be hacked", the source country of the attacks seems as USA and Israel. Persons charged with technical works said that they often had to close the campaign site because of virtual attacks, adding they are taking extra security measures against the attacks that aim to prevent the signings.       

Technical responsibles of the web site said that three big virtual attacks were done in one week and also backup servers might be received as a measure against hackers.     

As it is known, Israel arrested 8 Palestinian ministers and 35 MPs in an operation in June last year. The number of MPs in Israeli jails reached 45 with 10 MPs who were arrested before and elected as MP when they were in jails. World communities did not give enough reaction to this ugly attack towards the will of Palestinian people and also weak attempts to free captive deputies remained resultless.     

One million petition campaign that NGOs started has attracted much interest in the stands throughout Turkey without passing one week.

Campaign officials stressed that the virtual signs on the web site are only a part of the whole petitions, saying that the signs in the stands has reached hundred of thousands.    

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