Where are they?

Three Turks are still in an unknown place kept by unknown powers after being arrested in Northern Iraq.

Where are they?

Metin Demir, Mustafa Eðilli and Mehmet Hasip Yokuþ are still under arrest in Northern Iraq over a month. These three Turks, one a journalist, Mustafa Eðilli and the other two members of Özgür-Der, an organization defending the human rights and freedom  were arrested in Northern Iraq and wheer  they are now is not known.

Thousands of people who love them and their families are desperately waiting for a helping official hand that is going to rescue these three Turks from an injustice custody.There is no legal explanation to keep these people for a long time in such a tyrant way.

Last week in Turkey, in Taksim square hundereds of people protested the illegal custody of their friends in Northern Iraq and they wanted the government officers to play an active role in order to rescue the three Turks  who have been kept over a month.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 20 Eylül 2018, 18:16