Wikipedia defies 180,000 Muslim demands on images

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia, is refusing to remove medieval artistic depictions of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), despite being flooded with complaints from Muslims demanding the images be deleted.

Wikipedia defies 180,000 Muslim demands on images

More than 180,000 worldwide have joined an online protest saying the images, shown on European-language pages and taken from Persian and Ottoman miniatures dating from the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, are offensive to Islam, which prohibits any representation of Prophet.

But the defiant editors of the encyclopaedia reject the controversial images.

The images at the centre of the protest appear on most of the European versions of the web encyclopaedia, though not on Arabic sites. On two of the images, Prophet's face is veiled, a practice followed in Islamic art since the 16th century. But on two others, one from 1315, which is the earliest surviving depiction of the prophet, and the other from the 15th century, his face is shown. Some protesters are saying the pictures have been posted simply to 'bait' and 'insult' Muslims and argue the least Wikipedia can do is blur or blank out the faces.

Wikipedia set up measures to block people from 'editing' the pages themselves.


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