Woman returns after 18 years in Cambodia jungle

A woman has been returned to her home in Vietnam's Central Highlands 18 years after she went missing as an eight-year old girl tending cows near the Cambodian border.

Woman returns after 18 years in Cambodia jungle
Policeman Ksor Lu long believed that his daughter had been eaten by a wild animal until last Saturday when he was told that loggers had found  a forestman  at a village in Cambodia's province of Ratanakiri. Lu arrived and  recognised his daughter from the first sighting  even though her body was blackened and she had long hair down to her legs and could not speak, according to the account in the Vietnam Rural Today newspaper. Lu said his daughter, Ro Cham H'pnhieng of the Jrai ethnic minority group, probably spent most of the time in the jungle in Cambodia since she went missing in 1989. The loggers told Lu that they caught her after realising that someone had sneaked up and taken their lunch.


Reuters  Hanoi

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