Yemen truce broken, killing 'dozens'

The Supreme Security Committee said the fighting occurred in the Malahidh area in the mountainous region after the truce.

Yemen truce broken, killing 'dozens'

A Yemeni military source claimed on Saturday "dozens" of people had been killed on both sides as clashes with Shiite fighters in the north resumed overnight, breaking ceasefire designed to allow access for humanitarian aid.

The Supreme Security Committee said in a statement the fighting occurred in the Malahidh area in the mountainous region bordering Saudi Arabia.

Last month, a new wave of fighting erupted between Shi'ite Muslims of the Zaydi sect and government forces. The conflict first began in 2004.

Military accused fighters of allegedly resuming attacks following truce.

The government suspended its "Scorched Earth" offensive on Friday evening to ease the work of aid agencies in ensuring the safety of civilians, and calm briefly returned to the mountanous Saada province, stronghold of the rebels.

U.N. aid agencies say more than 100,000 people, many of them children, have fled their homes during the surge in fighting. They launched an appeal in Geneva this week for $23.5 million to help Yemen. Thousands are thought to be staying in tented camps.

Information about the conflict has been hard to verify because northern provinces have been closed to media.

The insurgents, demanding more autonomy, say they oppose the spread Sunni practices and the ruling party of veteran Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

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