YÖK head sends directive to university presidents

Beginning today, covered students will be allowed to enter some Turkish university campuses.

YÖK head sends directive to university presidents
Prof. Yusuf Ziya Ozcan said Sunday that a special arrangement to "YOK legislation" was not necessary and Articles 10 and 42 of the constitution should be enforced.

Ozcan sent a directive to University Presidents and recalled that the said amendments took effect as of Saturday. He said, "therefore, needless to say, it is among duties and responsibilities of of university administrators --who are carrying out public service-- to act accordingly with the amendments."

Ozcan referred to laws banning wearing of certain attires in public places, (law 2596 and article 2596 of the Constitution) and said measures could be taken against only those people whose outfits are concealing their identities.

The first amendment (to article 10 of the Constitution) inserts the statement "...and in benefitting from all public services" in the last sentence of the article 10 of the Constitution "equality before the law."

Under this amendment, last sentence of article 10 says "state organs and administrative authorities shall act in compliance with the principle of equality before the law in all their proceedings and in benefitting from all public services."

The second amendment (on article 42 of the Constitution on "Right and Duty of Training and Education") adds the paragraph "no one can be deprived of his/her right to higher education for reasons not openly mentioned by laws. The limits of the use of this right will be determined by law." The Law No. 5735 envisages amendments in Articles 10 (equality) and 42 (right to education) of the Constitution.

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