YOK head warns again rectors about headscarf freedom

The Higher Education Board (YOK) said Monday the features of the Republic and the state --set by the Constitution-- are warranties to preserve and improve fundamental rights and freedoms.

YOK head warns again rectors about headscarf freedom
"They (these characteristics) cannot be used to limit individual rights and freedoms," a statement by the YOK said.

YOK said it felt it necessary to release a new statement to eliminate hesitations about the directive it sent to university presidents on Sunday regarding the cancellation of the headscarf ban in universities.

YOK Chairman Prof. Ziya Ozcan sent a directive to all rectors Sunday saying that a special arrangement to "YOK legislation" was not necessary and (recently amended) Articles 10 and 42 of the Constitution should be enforced.

"According to the seventh paragraph of the Article 42 of the Constitution, people cannot be deprived of their right to higher education for a temporary or a permanent period of time due to any reason which is not clearly written in the laws," YOK said.

"The Article 54 of the Higher Education Law openly tells about the circumstances under which a person can be temporarily or permanently restricted from the right to higher education. Therefore, remarks that there is need to make a new legal arrangement to implement this provision of the Constitution are not based on any legal grounds," YOK said.

On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akaydin, the chairman of the Interuniversity Board (UAK), claimed the constitutional and other jurists have been divided into two due to the note YOK sent to rectors.

"Universities are confused, and the Higher Education Board is facing difficulties. This is chaos," Akaydin told reporters after the extraordinary meeting of UAK in Mediterranean city of Antalya.

In the meeting, the UAK decided to maintain the ban on clothing in universities until a new legal arrangement is made.

"We have decided not to allow headscarf-clad students on campuses," Akaydin said.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 25 Şubat 2008, 18:34