Zimbabwe police arrest Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe's main opposition leader, has been arrested by police in a raid at the headquarters of his Movement for Democratic Change in Harare, a party spokesman has said.

Zimbabwe police arrest Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe'smain opposition leader, has been arrested by police in a raid at theheadquarters of his Movement for Democratic Change in Harare, a party spokesman has said.

The arrest on Wednesday comes as southern African leadersmeet in Tanzania, where theyare expected to discuss the growing crisis in Zimbabwe.


"All members of staff and Morgan Tsvangirai have beenarrested," Tendai Biti, the party's secretary general, said. "Atleast 20 people were in the office at the time."

The MDC leader had been due to give a press conference onthe alleged abduction of a party activist. 


Activists assaulted

Tsvangirai and a number of MDC activists were detainedand assaulted two weeks ago while trying to stage an anti-government rally.

Southern African leaders at the 14-nation SouthernAfrican Development Community (SADC) summit, to be held in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday, are expected to address the growing crisesin Zimbabwe.

Tanzanian officials said SADC leaders will try to convinceRobert Mugabe, Zimbabwe'spresident, to meet leaders of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MCD) in a bid to resolve a situation that threatens to destabilise thecountry.

Jonathan Moyo, a former information minister in Zimbabweuntil he fell out with Mugabe in 2005, told the Guardian, a British newspaper,that regional leaders at the conference would go further and tell Mugabe thathe must retire when his term expires next year.

"They will remind Mugabe that he told them he wouldretire at the end of this term in 2008. They will tell him he must dothat," said Moyo.

"The statement issued at the close of the summit willnot strongly condemn Mugabe, that is not the way SADC works. But I am certainthat in the meeting the leaders will have told him in no uncertain terms thathe must retire."

Use of force

Despite the assault, Tsvangirai has continued to call forthe removal of Mugabe, who has been unapologetic about the use of force byhis security services.

Talking to journalists after a memorial service on Tuesdayfor an MDC activist who was shot dead on March 11, Tsvangirai said that theassaults had served to unite opposition against Mugabe.

"You can see that everybody is united and is mobilisedand confronting the dictatorship," he said.

"There is no dictator in this world who has succeededto oppress the people forever ... We cannot dignify an old man who has lost hismind," he said.

The SADC conference, hosted by Jakaya Kikwete, the Tanzanianpresident, is also expected to address troubles in the Democratic Republic ofCongo, where government forces clashed last week with fighters loyal to JeanPierre Bemba, a former vice-president and unsuccessful presidential contenderin last year's elections.


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