Zimbabwe threatens strikers

Zimbabwe's government has said it will take action against companies that took part in a two-day strike.

Zimbabwe threatens strikers

Zimbabwe's government has said it willtake action against companies that took part in a two-day strike.

Relativelyfew firms had observed the stoppage on Tuesday and Wednesday, which organiserssaid was held to protest against the country's worsening economic crisis .


ObertMpofu, the industry minister, said that he had asked firms which did not openfor business to submit their reasons within the next 24 hours.


"Weare receiving reports on other businesses that sympathised with the organisersof the stayaway and we are going to deal with them," he was quoted assaying by the Herald newspaperon Thursday.

"Wewant to identify those abetting the stayaway so that we can confront them andfind what their motives and agendas are.

"Wewill actually invoke certain measures which will not be very comfortable withthem. We cannot afford to stand by and watch people misbehaving."

Thestrike organised by the main Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions  failedafter the government warned protesters against participating in the strike, whichit said was organised by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Thestrike call came after Robert Mugabe's government launched a crackdown on theopposition which injured several people, including Morgan Tsvangirai, theleader of the MDC.

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