4 million liras for Fatih Sultan Mehmet portrait

One of three oil painting of Fatih Sultan Mehmet was sold by Sotheby's for 4 million TRY

4 million liras for Fatih Sultan Mehmet portrait

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Quite unknown portrait of Fatih Sultan Mehmet by Venetian artist Gentile Bellini was sold for £965,000 (approximately 4 million Turkish lira) by Sotheby's auction house. On this painting, made in Fatih's period (1432-1481) or around that time and one of three that survived up to this day, sultan is depicted next to some other person. The uniqueness of this particular piece is that it depicts a sultan with some other person, moreover it was kept by the same family for 200 years and was sold at auction house for the first time. Bellini's "Portrait of Sultan Mehmet II with Young dignitary" this double portrait was presented to art lovers at "Old Masters and British Paintings" organized by Sotheby's. 

Bellini's work found a buyer for £965,000. 57 works went on sale at that auction in London. From the sale of these works a total revenue of nearly £40 million (about 160 million TRY) was obtained. 

A person next to Sultan Fatih on this 33x45 cm sized double portrait by Bellini is considered to be sultan's son Cem Sultan. The portrait, which is now in the London National Gallery, might be made by the artist in 1480 when he was in Istanbul. In 1453, 21-years-old Fatih conquered Istanbul from Byzantine Empire and made it a rich Ottoman capital for long years. In 1479, Bellini was invited by the sultan to portrait him as well as to become Venetian cultural ambassador.

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