A man converts to Islam after pub becomes mosque

Colgrave Arms, a London pub since 1886, has been converted to a Mosque after the Can Hall Deen and Education Trust completed its purchase in July 2010 which will meet the needs of both the sizeable Muslim and non-Muslim community in Cann Hall.

A man converts to Islam after pub becomes mosque

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The Colgrave Arms is a historic London pub that had been operationg since 1886. Located in north-east London,  the region consists largely of late Victorian and early 20th century terraced housing.Halfway along Cann Hall Road is the Colegrave Arms pub which is now operates as a mosque.

In a recent sermon, as described in an ilmfeed video, the imam of the mosque explained how one man, visited the premises on a weekly basis over twenty years ago when it was operating as a pub. The man, upon converting to Islam, has continued his weekly visit but now as a Muslim prays at the now converted mosque.

The Cann Hall Deen and Education Trust purchased the premises in order to serve the growing needs of the Muslim and non-Muslim community in the region. Whilst the mosque serves as a place of prayer, currently funding is being collected in order to develop programmes for community relations in order to tackle issues in the community whether they be related to education, drugs, crime, violence or antisocial behaviour.

With recent developments in the UK,  Cann Hall also provides a welcome venue to help engage the wider community to promote awareness, social justice and unity. Run by volunteers, the services also include Support groups for the elderly and disabled, youth services and health seminars, women only and parenting sessions, as well as counselling services.



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