Balkans' oldest school marks 477th anniversary

The school was founded in 1537 and still offers education in Islamic studies and modern sciences.

Balkans' oldest school marks 477th anniversary

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The oldest school in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the oldest in Balkans, Gazi-Husrev Bey's Madrasa, in Sarajevo marked its 477th anniversary on Wednesday.

Authorities of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosnia's grand mufti Husein Kavazovic attended the ceremony at Gazi Husrev Bey's Madrasa which marked its anniversary.

"Without the madrasa, the social, political, cultural and religious lives of Bosniaks would be significantly poorer," said deputy director Ismet Veladzic.

"The madrasa holds a special place in the hearts and souls of Muslims in Bosnia and the region. To be a student of this school headed by Gazi-Husrev Bey is a great honor and huge responsibility," said Ferhat Seta, a former student and director of the school, who received a recognition for a lifetime of work during the ceremony.

Gazi-Husrev Bey's Madrasa in Sarajevo is located next to the Gazi-Husrev Bey's Mosque, the main one in the city. It was founded in 1537 as the first educational institution in what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The school's founder was the son of Bosnian nobleman Ferhat Bey and Ottoman Sultana Seljuk. Holding the prestigious Ottoman title of 'bey', he was a famous warrior (or Gazi) and founder of mosques, tekkes (dervish lodges), bridges, public bathhouses (hamam), fountains, schools, libraries and guest houses in the Balkans region.

Nowadays the school actively operates as a secondary school for boys offering education in Islamic studies and modern sciences.

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