Fragments from an early Hijazi Qur'an come to Turkey

Five leaves of rare Quran became a part of Yildiz Holding Art Collection

Fragments from an early Hijazi Qur'an come to Turkey

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Consists of five different leaves, a rare vellum Quran leaves become a Yildiz Holding Collection after Sotheby's London auction.

Fragments of the Qur'an in Hijazi script from the first century Hijri are amongst the rarest and most revered of all examples of Islamic manuscript production.

The Quran has been dated the second half of the 7th century or the beginning of 8th century according to the Gregorian calendar, only decades after the death of the Prophet Muhammad.

Consist of 5 separate pieces, every leaf has 6 to 14 lines that embroidered with brown ink.

These Hijazi leaves are considered the earliest examples of any Arabic manuscripts, therefore they are important not just for religious significance but in the development of Arabic as a written language.

The leaves contain verses from Surah al-Araf, Surah al-Anfal and Surah al- Taubah.

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