Georgian movie wins top prize at Sarajevo Film Festival

After nine days, Sarajevo Film Festival was closed with award ceremony

Georgian movie wins top prize at Sarajevo Film Festival
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The Heart of Sarajevo for the best feature film at 19th Sarajevo Film Festival was awarded to Georgian movie "In Bloom" by Nana Ekvitimishvili and Simon Grob.

The jury was “amazed by this movie”, Danis Tanovic, the jury president said at the ceremony.

“It is hard to believe that this is somebody's first feature movie. It is my great pleasure and honor to award this prize to those two authors,” Tanovic said.

Ekvitimishvili and Grob epxressed their satisfaction with the award, saying that it was a great experience to show the film in Sarajevo and to see reactions by the audience.

“This is the first Georgian movie to be screened at Sarajevo Film Festival and it was incredible experience to watch it here, to follow the audience reactions, and finally to get this award,” Grob said.

The movie's story takes places in Tbilisi, Georgian capital, after the collapse of Soviet Union and is based on two teenage girls trying to find their way through the transition.

The Heart of Sarajevo for the best man part went to Serbian actor Bogdan Diklic for his role in a movie "A Stranger".

“I do not know for any other award with such a beautiful name. It is not a golden heart, not silver or diamond, but it is a heart of one city, and that city is Sarajevo. This award is maybe not my favourite but definilty it is a very dear and speacial one,” Diklic said.

The award for the best acrtress went to Lika Babluani and Mariam Bokeria, two main roles in Georgian film "In Bloom".

The special award by the competition jury went to the movie "A Stranger" by Bobo Jelicic. It is a movie about the city of Mostar and the director dedicated the award to this city.

Special prize - honorary Heart of Sarajevo went to Roberto Olla, executive director of Eurimages, the Council of Europe support fund for European cinema for his contribution to development of the South-east European cinematography.

“This award is very encouraging for my future and for my carear. It is happening in a very special moment in my life when my heart is broken. Now, I have a new heart,” Olla said.

The Heart of Sarajevo for the best short film went to "Shadow of a Cloud" by Radua Jude.

The award for the best documentary went to Austrian film "Sickfuckpeople" by Juryja Rechinskog.

The best documentary that deals with human rights went to "Married to Swiss Franc" by Arsen Oremovic, while the special award for documentary, awarded by Al Jazeera, went to the film "The Cleaners" by Konstantinos Georgousis.

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