Historic prison to be restored in Turkey's north

The Sinop Prison, which was called by the famous 17th century traveller Evliya Celebi as a "grand and formidable castle," will serve as a modern museum after its restoration

Historic prison to be restored in Turkey's north

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Turkey is using its first restoration funding granted by the European Union (EU) to restore a historic prison in the northern city of Sinop.

Turkey's Culture Ministry said that the Sinop Prison, which was named a 'grand and formidable castle' by the famous 17th century traveller Evliya Celeb, will serve as a modern museum after its restoration. 

The project aims to create a fully restored cultural complex out of the prison, by establishing art galleries, museum sections and accomodation facilities.

The prison has a significant place in Turkey's modern history as it hosted a number of prominent writers and intellectuals from during late Ottoman, early republican eras.

Renowned novel and short story writers Sabahattin Ali and Refik Halid Karay were among the occupants of the prison.

The city of Sinop was a widely-used spot for the Ottoman government to exile its opponents in early 20th century.

The EU provides funding and grants for projects covering restorations of historic places of European heritage.

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